You could soon test yourself for Covid twice a week

You could soon test yourself for Covid twice a week

Self-testing for the coronavirus may soon become the norm in the UK, as part of plans announced to facilitate the exit from the lockdown.

All adults will be encouraged to test themselves for the virus twice a week, reports the Times, with an ad campaign urging people to “play their part” by regularly making sure that they are not contagious. Such tests, called lateral flow tests, can give a result in 30 minutes and do not need to be sent to a lab to get the results, unlike the PCR tests used by the NHS for symptomatic cases.

Children, teachers and adults in households with children and young people can already access free rapid tests if they do not show symptoms of the virus. While those showing symptoms are advised to book for a swab PCR test via the NHS.

Companies have also been encouraged to show interest in the government’s free workplace testing program – which, again, would use lateral flow testing. So far, 48,000 companies have registered.
Two UK companies have signed agreements with the Department of Health and Social Affairs (DHSC) to perform lateral flow testing and will aim to perform two million rapid rotation tests each week by the end of May, PA Media reports. The hope is that the tests will detect asymptomatic cases, which are believed to be prevalent in one in three people, and force people to stay home if they test positive.
HuffPost UK asked DHSC if adults would be required to test themselves for Covid twice a week. They have neither confirmed nor denied that this would be the case.


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