WWE RAW Results (03/29/21): WrestleMania Contract Signed, Plus!

WWE RAW Results (03/29/21): WrestleMania Contract Signed, Plus!

WWE RAW Results

29 mars 2021
Lovell Porter’s report for Wrestlezone.com

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Earlier today, Drew McIntyre arrived at the arena and was stopped by Sarah. Sarah asks if McIntyre has heard of Bobby Lashley’s offer to the locker room last week. McIntyre says anyone who tries to cash in must be worried about whether Lashley is fit for his promise to give whoever takes him a shot at the title. They also have to worry about what McIntyre is going to do to them in the process.

Segment In-Ring: The Hurt Business

MVP says Lashley is going in and out as a champion at WrestleMania. Lashley repeats that if someone takes out McIntyre, he will be rewarded with a title match. MVP says McIntyre has already had his chance. It’s time to give someone else a chance. MVP asks if anyone is up to the challenge. Nobody comes out. MVP reminds everyone that Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin got kicked out of the ring for the title game because they lost to McIntyre last week.

Lashley says they had a perfect opportunity and that they (Benjamin and Alexander) missed it. Lashley says he refuses to associate with the incompetence. MVP asks them to explain themselves. Alexander says they could have done it from the back. Benjamin enters MVP’s face. Lashley Alexander Bridges. Benjamin snatches Lashley from Alexander. Lashley defeats Benjamin. Lashley grabs a microphone and says regarding Alexander and Benjamin, The Hurt Business is over.

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