Will the third wave of Covid hit Britain? Answers to your questions, from lockdowns to vaccines

 Will the third wave of Covid hit Britain?  Answers to your questions, from lockdowns to vaccines

Disastrous warnings that Britain will be hit by the third wave of Covid sweeping across Europe were issued today – but an expert is warning tonight ‘it is not inevitable’.
The Prime Minister today warned that the British were “facing the same pandemic, we all have the same problems” as European countries, as the spike in rates of the South African variant of Covid-19 is recorded in France.

Scientists believe there could be as many as 2,000 new cases of the new variant spreading across the country, as Paris on Friday entered lockdown again amid the third wave and a hesitant rollout. vaccine.

A month-long lockdown has been imposed on the capital and parts of northern France to curb the spread of highly contagious coronavirus variants.

But how worried should we be in Britain?

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Dr Mike Tildesley appears on Good Morning Britain late last year

Speaking to the Mirror, Dr Mike Tildesley, infectious disease modeling expert and SAGE member, answered your questions about a third wave.

What is the probability of a third wave?

It is not inevitable. As we relax the restrictions, we know that the level of R may increase, but we have the vaccine that will partially offset that.

What could it look like?

We can have a third wave in terms of cases, but nothing like the number of hospitalizations and deaths. The vaccine is effective in preventing serious infection.

Parisians flee the capital on trains leaving from Montparnasse station last week

Will we see another lockdown?

Never say never but I hope we don’t. It depends on how quickly the government can react to any future eventuality.

Will it lengthen the borders?

If infections increase, even without more hospitalizations, we will have to ask ourselves what we are willing to accept in order to return to our freedoms.

Iswasariskofathirdwave of hospitalizations and deaths?

If in the fall the immunity wanes as the protection wears off, you may see an increase in severe cases. You will need boosters.

Scenes inside the intensive care unit / intensive therapy unit.  Behind the scenes at Southampton University Hospital during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic at the largest NHS hospital on England's south coast.
We shouldn’t see roughly the same number of hospitalizations

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How will the booster vaccines work?

Vaccine companies are working to deliver new vaccines to protect against new variants. This is not unusual – it is what must happen every year with flu shots.

Why such a strong warning from the PM regarding a third wave?

Our political experts write: Government scientists say rising infection rates in Europe will almost certainly have an impact here.

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Critics say Boris Johnson wants to compare the success of the British vaccine with the slow deployment of the EU to distract from the government’s disastrous handling of the pandemic so far.

Is UK rate cut increasing pressure to lift lockdown?

Government insiders believe the prime minister will once again listen to Tory backbenchers keen to lift curbs sooner than his roadmap calls for.


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