Why France is now reporting 65,000 cases of Covid-19

Why France is now reporting 65,000 cases of Covid-19

The French national health agency Santé Publique France (SPF) reports today that 65,373 new cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the past 24 hours. This is more than double the usual daily number of cases which averaged 29,280 last week.
However, this is not due to an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases but rather to a technical fault.

Yesterday (March 24), the SPF encountered a technical issue with the flow of data to its database, meaning it could not publish the daily number of recorded Covid-19 cases as usual.

Today’s figure therefore corresponds to the number of cases for Monday (37,572 cases) and Tuesday (24,882 cases) combined – the numbers of cases are still reported one day late. Some additional cases recorded before this may also have been added to the overall count.

The SPF states: “So this should not be interpreted as an exponential increase in the number of daily cases, although a general upward trend is nevertheless observed.”

The average number of daily reported Covid-19 cases rose 17% last week, data tracking website Covidtracker.fr says. See the progression of daily Covid-19 cases in France in the graph below.

Source: CovidTracker.fr

The connection publishes the number of Covid-19 cases reported daily in our article Coronavirus: daily updates on the situation in France, which you can find on our home page.

It is useful to show this figure because it is taken into consideration when the government assesses whether to increase or relax restrictions.

However, as was the case today, this figure can fluctuate considerably depending on the addition of the data and also the number of tests carried out in France.

A more accurate way to track the progress of the pandemic, therefore, is to look at the positive test rate – this is the percentage of people who test positive on all ongoing tests.

As the figure remained today at 7.9%, the same as yesterday, it is clear that the big jump in daily cases is just an aberration.

You can read our article explaining this statistic and which indicators are the best for tracking the pandemic in France by clicking on the link below.

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