Week 5 invisible HOH results – big brother network canada

Week 5 invisible HOH results - big brother network canada

Big Brother Canada 9 just introduced a new twist to the game: The Invisible HOH. In Wednesday’s episode, the narrator teased about an invisible HOH. We haven’t received any information, but in Thursday’s episode more information was revealed about this week’s Invisible HOH.
Thursday’s episode saw the latest deportee come out the door. This expulsion kind of leveled the playing field with three solid Sunsetters (Beth, Tychon and Jedson) on one side and three solid Oddballs (Austin, Breydon and Rohan) on the other side, and three floats (Victoria, Tina and Tera) playing the middle. Kiefer is more of a Sunsetter than a float but I think under the right circumstances he could jump shi. Now it’s anyone’s game, and if the power dynamics change, that will depend on who wins this week’s HOH. And this week’s HOH has a major twist.

Host Arisa Cox explained Thursday that the Invisible HOH would make all of its decisions in secret. They would name in secret, name a replacement in secret, and they could play the Power of Veto contest if their token was drawn. Arisa threw another big bomb, saying that this week’s HOH can play in next week’s Head of Households competition as well. This means they could be the first technical player to be HOH for two consecutive weeks.

Big Brother Canada decided to be a little tease this week by running the wires through Thursday night. They came back briefly on Friday afternoon and we had some details on who could possibly be HOH. It was clear that a Sunsetter, unless Beth in secret, is not the head of the family. Tera also claimed that she was one of the people in the tiebreaker round and lost her.

Victoria strongly suggested to Kiefer that she was the head of the family. She even spoke to the camera and said “what should I do? We won’t know for sure until Monday’s episode, but all clues led to another Victoria HOH.

However, the flows have been back for some time now, and all signs are big and brightly pointed to Victoria. I might end up changing this post on Monday when we see it for sure, but now I think it’s safe to assume that Spicy Vee is the invisible HOH. It also looks like she’s trying to pin the HOH on Jedson, Tychon, or Beth, so she’ll likely target Austin and Breydon this week.

BBCAN9 Week 5 Invisible HOH Results

  • Victoria is the invisible HOH

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