Was Hannah Montana really originally titled “Alexis Texas”?

Was Hannah Montana really originally titled

URBAN TV LEGEND: Hannah Montana was originally called “Alexis Texas” until Disney realized it was the name of an adult movie star.

Over the years, a very common type of legend has linked healthy family TV shows to the adult film industry in some way. Most of the time, like the caption about the late Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell in Leave it to Beaver) and his alleged adult film career, it’s wrong, but every once in a while there’s a real connection, like the actress who played the younger sister in Family Matters, later pursuing a brief career in adult films. So it’s pretty common for people to take great pleasure in the fact that Disney Channel hit series Hannah Montana (which cast Miley Cyrus into superstar) is about a teenage song star who maintains a secret identity as an ordinary teenager, was originally titled Alexis Texas until Disney discovered that name was used by an adult movie star.

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But is it true?

First off, there are two things I like to do automatically with just about all the interesting facts I see that I’m a little wary of whether it’s actually true or not.

The first thing is, what’s the source? You give me a quote, I will believe a lot of things I doubted otherwise. Well, in this case, surprisingly enough, despite trending “Alexis Texas” the other day on Twitter because someone tweeted this fact, I don’t see any actual quotes on this. Even Buzzfeed, who’s usually pretty good at this stuff for their lists (even if they’re wrong, they at least cite something), just got him in a list on Hannah Montana’s Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, “Hannah Montana was originally called ‘Alexis Texas’, but because a pornstar shares the same name, they were afraid the kids would google the name and find her instead. It is not good if there are no quotes for a fact like this.

Second, I like to use a variation of the “smell test”. Basically, “Does that make any logical sense? Most of the time, captions really mean something, which is why they persist as captions, because they specifically mean something. But here, looking at this Buzzfeed article, we’re meant to believe that Disney was quite ready to go ahead with the show’s name Alexis Texas even though they knew there was a movie star. adult of the same name, but then someone was, like, “But what if they google the name and find the adult movie star instead?” And then they changed their minds? And it’s supposed to be a real scenario that happened in real life? It doesn’t seem too likely, does it?

Likewise, versions of the story that choose to say instead, “Disney was going to name the show Alexis Texas until they found out that was the name of an adult movie star” also fail to say. “Does this make any logical sense? Test, as in this scenario, has someone got to the point of launching the name of a tv show on disney channel without ever just plugging the name into a search engine once? For serious?

However, in this case, we don’t even really need to delve deeper, as the simple facts of the situation here demonstrate that the story is obviously bogus. You see, the Hannah Montana pilot first aired in March 2006 (and obviously filmed before).

The adult movie star known as Alexis Texas didn’t film her first adult movie scene until October 2006 (and her first scene didn’t come out until after that).

Soooo… obviously there was no connection between the adult movie star and the children’s TV series before its debut, so there couldn’t be a case where “Hannah Montana was originally called ‘Alexis Texas’, but since a pornstar shares the same name, they were afraid the kids would google the name and find it instead. ”

Now, is it possible that the TV show, Hannah Montana, was almost called Alexis Texas at some point, BEFORE the adult movie star adopted that name? It’s possible. I don’t think it’s likely, but it is possible. The first time Hannah Montana was mentioned by name that I can see was in a Variety article on Disney Channel’s New Ideas for Shows. It came out in November 2004, long before Miley Cyrus became the star of the show and in the article it said:

Disney Channel is teaming up with the creators of its biggest franchises – “Lizzie McGuire” and “That’s So Raven” – to produce more series aimed at its core audience.

Cabler teamed up with “Lizzie” executive producers Terri Minsky and Stan Rogow for a half-hour spin-off of “Lizzie” nicknamed “Stevie Sanchez.” The series follows the ups and downs of Lizzie’s best friend sister, Stephanie “Stevie” Sanchez, and her Latin American family.

Project represents the first televised offshoot of “Lizzie,” which ceased production in December 2002, shortly after series star Hilary Duff judged it so yesterday. While Hank still makes solid ratings in rehearsals, “Stevie” would give Disney a new dose of “Lizzie” -related programming.

Meanwhile, Michael Poryes, who co-created “Raven” with Susan Sherman, is working on “Hannah Montana,” a half hour around a pint-sized pop star who has an alternate identity in order to continue to live his life as a “normal”. child. ”

Pilots for both projects are expected to begin production in January. The casting is underway, both in front of the directors.

So if Hannah Montana was ever called Alexis Texas, it was waaaaaaaay early in the process. It’s not an absurd idea that they might have taken this as a name, but I haven’t seen anything convincing saying they ever did. It should be noted that they changed the name of the main character in the series from Chloe Stewart to Miley Stewart to match their new lead actor.

Plus, I would bet dollars for dollars that Alexis Texas actually specifically adopted HIS stage name AS a play about Hannah Montana, so if anything, the influence has gone the other way. I don’t know the answer to this for sure (and Alexis Texas IS from Texas), but the timing just seems a bit too coincident. But it’s neither here nor there.

The legend is …


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