Vladimir Putin poses in sheepskin during snowy retreat in Siberia as tensions rise with the United States | World news

 Vladimir Putin poses in sheepskin during snowy retreat in Siberia as tensions rise with the United States |  World news

Vladimir Putin took advantage of a weekend in Siberia with his Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu.

The Russian president, 68, was filmed driving a military vehicle through a forest, enjoying an alfresco meal and drink at a stall covered with animal skins and admiring a piece of wood carved in Mr. . Shoigu.

Mr. Putin is known to have posted hyper masculine images of himself.

Mr. Putin poses for a photo in a forest in Russia’s Siberia region. Pic: AP

In January 2018, he threw a Sheepskin coat and felt boots before submerging in water at 5 ° C to mark the Orthodox Christian feast of Epiphany.

In 2009, he was photographed shirtless on top of a horse during a mountain vacation, and in August 2017, the barely-dressed president paraded his torso and the fish he caught in a Siberian lake.

The trip to Siberia came amid heightened tensions with the United States following a recent comment by the president Joe Biden.

The 68-year-old man drives a military all-terrain tracked vehicle. Pic: AP
    Putin poses for a photo in front of a tracked all-terrain vehicle
The couple posed for photos with the vehicle in the middle of the forest. Pic: AP

Earlier this week, Mr Biden replied ‘Yes’ when asked in an interview if he thought Mr. Putin was a killer.

He also described the Russian leader as having no soul and said he would “pay a price” after an intelligence report said Mr Putin approved operations to aid Donald Trump in the election of the United States. last year – what the Kremlin denies.

In response, Russia recalled its ambassador to Washington for consultation and warned that further steps could be taken.

Russian President Vladimir Putin walks through a taiga forest in the Siberian region of Russia in Russia.  Pic: AP
The Russian leader is known to have broadcast hyper-masculine images of himself. Pic: AP
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin talk to each other and look at a piece of wood being made in Sergei Shoigu's workshop in a taiga forest in Russia's Siberia region.
Mr. Putin looks at a piece of wood for crafts in Sergei Shoigu’s workshop. Pic: AP

Mr. Putin then responded to Mr. Biden by citing a The song of the Russian children’s playground that “whoever said it, did it,” and highlighted the history of slavery in America, killing Native Americans and the atomic bombing of Japan during World War II.

Speaking on a video call to mark the annexation of Crimea in 2014, he said he would continue to cooperate with America – but only when it is in Russia’s interest – and proposed to speak live online with Mr. Biden.

The White House rejected the offer on Friday, saying Biden would meet with Putin “when the time is right.”

« [Mr Biden’s] is not going to back down, ”said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre.

“He’s going to be very frank and very open about this relationship. ”

She added: “The president will meet with President Putin when the time comes.

“President Biden and President Putin have different perspectives from their respective countries, but where they agree is that we must continue to look for ways to work together where it is in our mutual interest. ”


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