Video shows Halifax officer pointing gun, shouting ‘unacceptable’ something at man with hands raised

Video shows Halifax officer pointing gun, shouting 'unacceptable' something at man with hands raised

Halifax Police have opened an internal investigation after a video was posted on social media over the weekend showing a police officer saying something ‘unacceptable’ as he appeared to point a gun at a man with them. hands up.
The audio on the 28-second video is poor, but around the eighth second the officer is heard say something that looks like, “I’m going to fill you up with lead.”

Someone in the room where the video is being recorded repeats, “I’m going to fill you up with lead. ”

Among those who shared the video were DeRico Symonds and Trayvone Clayton, who are two of the founders of the Game Changers 902 community activist group. In social media posts accompanying the video, Symonds and Clayton both say the man who has a raised hand is black. . CBC News has reached out to them for comment.

The video, which appears to have been taken from a balcony of a building, shows the man walking away from the white officer. The two men ride in a van in a parking lot.

The officer orders the man to stop, but he doesn’t – and at one point the man says, “You are not allowed to shoot me in the back.

At 19 seconds, the man drops his arms and sprints around an apartment building and off the lot, as the officer appears to be talking on a two-way radio. In the video, the officer does not shoot and chase him.

DISCLAIMER | This video contains graphic language:

CBC News has not confirmed who recorded the video.

Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella said in a statement the incident began after police were called to Wentworth Drive on Friday evening with about four men arguing in a parking lot. Kinsella said three men – who were not in the video – were arrested and a loaded gun and drugs were seized. The fourth man attempted to flee, Kinsella said, which led to the incident on camera.

Kinsella said the comments which appeared to have been made by the officer were “unacceptable” and confirmed that the officer had been assigned to administrative duties pending the conclusion of the investigation.

“We recognize that such an incident can be deeply damaging to police-community relations,” the statement read. “We commit to a full investigation and call on members of the public to allow due process. ”

Kinsella told CBC News that police cannot find the man in the video, but hope to speak to him. He said anyone in the public with information should get in touch with the police.

Kinsella said the investigation would now take two paths: one looking at what led to the incident and the other looking at what was said and in what context.


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