Variants of Concern That Change the Way We Should Approach Sport: Fitzgerald

Variants of Concern That Change the Way We Should Approach Sport: Fitzgerald

Public health is asking sports organizations to submit return-to-play plans that Dr. Janice Fitzgerald says will be different from those submitted last year thanks to worrying variants now circulating across the country.
The most recent outbreak of the UK variant in the metropolitan area spread even faster once it entered the school and sports community.

Dr Fitzgerald says the province was lucky the variant was detected early before it spread even further.

She acknowledged the disappointment and frustration expressed in the province’s sports community during yesterday’s COVID briefing, but says the variants change everything.

(Photo courtesy Paradise Soccer Club.)

The variants are quickly becoming the dominant strain and changing the epidemiology across the country, according to Fitzgerald. “There are no guarantees with regard to this virus,” she says and the most important thing is to keep contacts low.

This is why the return to sport will depend not only on the epidemiology in Newfoundland and Labrador, but also outside the province according to Fitzgerald.

“We cannot ignore the reality that group activities, including team sports, result in multiple contacts for each individual,” says Fitzgerald, and this is compounded by the interaction of different teams and individuals involved. in several sports and team activities.


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