Vancouver school movie set calls for ‘young actors in a fight’ – BC News

Vancouver school movie set calls for 'young actors in a fight' - BC News

A film production company has sent a notification letter to residents of a Vancouver neighborhood about a film shoot this weekend.

Silent Films Inc. will be shooting a scene for a short film outside Strathcona Elementary School on Saturday, March 20 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. One of the scenes calls young actors to a “fight”.

The company adds that “our scenes are image dependent, so brief traffic and pedestrian control will be required. ”

Intermittent traffic control will be conducted on the 500 block of E Pender Street from noon to 5 p.m. Pedestrians on the sidewalk may also be asked to take a brief break while the cameras are rolling.

Vancouver Police will be on site to assist with traffic control.

The short film will be shown on Netflix in the future.

The ecstatic teenager took to Twitter on Monday, March 8 to share the image she took with Tyler Hoechilin, who plays Superman on the new TV show.

“I finally met Tyler… He was so amazing he’s literally the cutest guy he’s ever introduced to me,” she wrote in her Twitter post, which features a photo of her. and Hoechilin; both wear masks.

The TV show features Superman AKA Clark Kent and reporter Lois Lane as they face the challenges of parenting in today’s world – plus superhero stuff, of course.


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