US to see 27 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine this week, White House says

US to see 27 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine this week, White House says

So far, about a third of American adults – about 84 million – have received at least one dose of vaccination.

“We will have 27 million doses allocated across all distribution channels this week. Two-thirds of the 27 million doses will go to states and jurisdictions for distribution to distribution sites, ”Andy Slavitt, White House senior adviser for Covid-19 response, said in a briefing Wednesday.

Here’s a breakdown of those doses by manufacturer and destination.

U.S. health services can expect to see more than 18 million doses per week of the Covid-19 vaccine through the end of March, Lori Tremmel Freeman, chief executive of the National Association, told CNN on Wednesday. county and city health officials.

About 16 million of those doses are expected to come from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna, and about 2 million from Johnson & Johnson.

“The White House also expects a one-time additional allocation of 2.1 million doses of Pfizer,” Freeman said, referring to figures the White House shared with state and local health officials. at a meeting on Tuesday.

Regarding pharmacies, Freeman said 2.8 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are expected to continue to be dispensed at existing levels to pharmacies, but will also benefit from a one-time additional expansion of 1 million doses of Pfizer. over the next three weeks.

A week after the start of distribution, pharmacies have a familiar demand: 'We just need more vaccines'

Shipments of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to pharmacies will also increase federal pharmacy program allocations to 1.5 million doses, Freeman said.

Vaccines will continue to be distributed to federally qualified health centers and the number of facilities receiving allocations will increase to 950 sites in the coming weeks, but Freeman said she did not have the exact number of allocated doses. at these centers.

Freeman said the trajectory for vaccine availability is on track and vaccine supplies are expected to “continue to rapidly scale even further” in April to reach 22-24 million doses. per week only to the health departments.

Enough for every adult at the end of May: “It’s possible”

Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Lisa Cannellos told CNN in an email on Wednesday that the company still expects to “deliver 20 million single-shot vaccines by the end of March.”

Pfizer spokesman Jerica Pitts told CNN the company still expects to deliver 300 million doses of its Pfizer / BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to the US government by the end of July, “allowing vaccination of 150 million Americans ”.

CNN has also reached out to Moderna for comment.

Biden now says US will have enough vaccines for every adult by the end of May

President Joe Biden said earlier this month that the United States will have enough Covid-19 vaccines for every adult by the end of May. If the country continues at a rate of 27 million doses per week for the next nine weeks, that means around 243 million doses are expected to be distributed by May 26.

That number of 243 million, combined with the 164 million doses already delivered on Wednesday, represents enough doses to at least immunize about 203 million adults with a two-dose regimen of the Pfizer / BioNTech or Moderna vaccine. Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine requires only one dose.

There are approximately 330 million people in the United States, of which approximately 22% are under the age of 18. That would make 257 million adults. Assuming that some adults will be vaccinated with a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the United States appears to be on track to meet President Biden’s goal of having enough doses for every American adult.

So far, “there are now a total of 84 million people who have received at least one dose of vaccination, or one in three adults, and 45 million people who have been fully vaccinated – that’s better than one in six adults, ”Slavitt said Wednesday.

“Above all, we are now passing a milestone: 70% of Americans aged 65 and over have now received at least one vaccine. This is a far cry from seven weeks ago, when only 8% of seniors had received a single vaccine.

Locally, the Biden administration appears to be on track to meet its goal of having enough Covid-19 vaccine for every adult by the end of May, Freeman said.

“I think it’s possible,” she said.

About 25% of the total U.S. population has already received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, “which is a pretty amazing milestone,” Freeman said.

“We really have no reason to believe that production will decrease at this point. We could have a short week or two here where things pick up, but certainly in April we should see the vaccine become a lot more available, ”Freeman said. .

“Therefore, you should see a rapid increase in nominations for vaccines in communities across the country, beyond these initial priority groups and in more general populations,” Freeman said. “So I think in the next four to six weeks we’ll definitely be in the general population. ”


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