Two Calgary Catholic elementary schools to close this year due to low enrollment rates

Two Calgary Catholic elementary schools to close this year due to low enrollment rates

Calgary Catholic School District administrators voted to close St. Angela and St. Gerard Elementary Schools at the end of the school year due to low enrollment rates.
The decision was made at the public board meeting on Wednesday. St. Angela School in Bridgeland and St. Gerard School in Haysboro were previously slated for closure in 2020, but that process was halted in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, with e-learning included, St. Gerard has 83 students enrolled while St. Angela has 109.

When the board began the shutdown process in January, Chief Superintendent Bryan Szumlas said the district considered a “healthy” school for having an enrollment of 150 or more students.

“As soon as we drop below the 150-student mark, we have to invest more money in the school beyond the money we receive from the provincial government to make it a viable school building,” he said. -he declares.

Since the shutdown process began in January, the CCSD said it had held public meetings in February and a number of written submissions had been gathered from community members.

Decision “having a significant impact” on life

Board Chair Mary Martin said these types of closures are the toughest decisions for administrators, “because we know we have a significant impact on the lives of students.

“Having said that, I can say with confidence after 14 years as a trustee… that it is my experience 100% of the time that these families will be immediately worked and welcomed into new schools,” she added.

Martin said that when the district prepares its budget it engages with the community and the results of this process helped guide this decision.

“The overwhelming majority wanted to keep the funds as much as possible in classrooms and employed teachers,” she said. “The first two choices or the two main indicators for our audience were to look at small operational schools and also transport costs. ”

Martin said there are three different school options for students at the two schools. St. Angela students will be able to attend St. Alphonsus, St. Monica or St. Joseph, and St. Gerard students will be able to attend St. Matthew, St. Cecilia or St. Theresa.


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