Travel industry angry with ‘coordinated campaign’ to undermine vacations

Travel industry angry with 'coordinated campaign' to undermine vacations

Senior travel industry officials have reacted with fury to new travel ban rules that impose a £ 5,000 fine on anyone going on vacation.

They accuse ministers and councilors of “a coordinated campaign” to shatter hopes of an early summer escape, and say new vacation bookings have “come to a complete halt.”

Britain’s latest foreclosure law, which comes into effect on March 29, states: “No one may, without a reasonable excuse, leave England to a destination outside the UK. ”
The rules are theoretically in effect until the end of June, but will be revised before April 12 – the day the government’s Global Travel Working Group reports on the possible reopening of international travel from May 17.
But a former president of Abta said The independent that he believes a “coordinated campaign” seeks to undermine trust among potential travelers.


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