Toronto to start administering COVID-19 vaccines to residents aged 70 and over this weekend

Toronto to start administering COVID-19 vaccines to residents aged 70 and over this weekend

TORONTO – Toronto will allow people over the age of 70 to make an appointment to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at a municipal clinic starting tomorrow.
Mayor John Tory announced the change on Friday afternoon, revealing that 30,000 immunization appointments were still available at clinics across the city next week.

“If you are eligible, please register. It is the most useful contribution you can make on the front lines. Not in months or weeks but now, ”Tory said. “It’s a battle we have to win and it’s a battle we will win, but we need your help signing up and persuading others to sign up and we need that help now. ”

A number of other public health units have already started administering vaccines to adults 70 and older, but in Toronto appointments were only available for people over 75 so far. .

The decision to expand the list of people eligible for the vaccine comes as the city prepares to open two additional mass vaccination clinics on Monday, bringing its total number to five.

A sixth city-run clinic at the North York Hangar will then open on April 5.

“We continue to increase the capacity of our clinic. We are vaccinating thousands of them a day, but now we have the capacity to do more and we need you to use that capacity, ”Tory said. “In our three original clinics, we were previously able to vaccinate 1,350 per day. From Monday, we will be able to vaccinate 6,300 people per day. ”

COVID-19 vaccination appointments have been regularly booked in the Greater Toronto Area as they become available, but the city is now struggling to fill some appointments, as a result of ‘a recent increase in supply.

At Toronto’s largest immunization clinic at the Metro Toronto Convention Center, only about 68% of the 1,170 appointments available for the day were announced earlier Friday morning, raising concerns that some may not be filled at a time when COVID -19 cases and hospitalizations increase.

Tory told reporters that there may be “some people who are unaware of the increased capacity” that has made it easier for residents to receive their vaccines.

He said that by expanding the list of people eligible for the vaccine at clinics in Toronto, the city has made a “big move” that will likely lead to an increase in bookings.

But he said he also calls on residents to do their part by registering themselves or making sure their loved ones do.

“We are in a marathon race between the virus and the vaccines. This is a question that vaccines have to win and the key to it is your willingness to sign up now to get vaccinated, ”he said.

To date, Ontario has administered more than 1.7 million individual doses of COVID-19 vaccine, including more than 436,000 doses in Toronto.

The second phase of its vaccine rollout begins next week and will see the list of eligible beneficiaries expanded to include some essential workers and people with certain pre-existing conditions.


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