The Mavericks provide the flame, the Trail Blazers provide a dumpster

The Mavericks provide the flame, the Trail Blazers provide a dumpster

Luka Doncic and the hot-shooting Mavericks ended the Trail Blazers’ three-game winning streak after a 132-92 beating on Sunday. After a tight first quarter of action, the Mavericks pulled out thanks to their precise three-point shot. Doncic led the way in Dallas with 37 points in 30 minutes of action. For the Blazers, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum were only part of three-quarters of the blowout defeat. Before heading to the sideline, Lillard and McCollum combined for 32 points.

You can see the quarter-by-quarter breakdown in our instant recap. Before we turn the page on tonight’s result, here are three observations of the Mavericks’ 132-92 victory.

Almost perfect luka

Doncic, who recorded just four three points in Friday’s loss to the Blazers, couldn’t miss Sunday. Seriously, he didn’t miss a shot beyond the arc until the end of the third quarter. From steps back and downhill to displaying smaller defenders, Luka has imposed his will early and often.

On the block, Doncic chased the favorable offsets and exploited them when they arrived. Gary Trent Jr. and Lillard both suffered tough stretches once Doncic established his position. Luka finished with 37 points in three quarters and connected on eight of his nine attempts from a distance.

Side Mavs with waist

It looks like a Saturday movie show triggered a change in rotation for the Mavericks. Dallas went with the waist instead of the offense in the first half. The move paid off immediately in two key areas: defense and rebound. The Blazers’ perimeter shooters faced long defenders even after working on their half-court sets.

In the paint, the Mavericks added to the Blazers’ shooting difficulties by limiting Portland to single-shot possessions. In the three quarters, Dallas owned the rebound battle with a 39-21 advantage.

Doncic deserves the headlines, but appearances from Dorian Finney-Smith and Boban Marjanovic helped set the stage for the Mavs’ meteoric victory.

Icy Shot

The Blazers extended the three-point streak to double digits and lost a triple to the Mavericks. The Dallas defense deserves to be applauded, but Portland couldn’t get into any form of rhythm. Lillard, McCollum and Carmelo Anthony combined for a 0-for-16 shoot night beyond the arc. A loss is a loss, but there aren’t many teams that can overcome this type of crisis from their main offensive contributors.

Hopefully all those who weren’t tasked with recapping this contest handed it over to the Beaver Tournament game after three quarters.


The score of the box

The Blazers host James Harden and the Nets on Tuesday.


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