The bicentenary of 1821, Macron says France will support Greece

The bicentenary of 1821, Macron says France will support Greece

French President Emmanuel Macron said the Greek people’s struggle for independence in the 19th century was an inspiration to France and Europe and sent a message of support in an interview broadcast Wednesday evening by the public channel ERT.
Macron said he regretted not being able to attend the celebrations in Athens for the 200th anniversary of the start of the Greek Revolution with his wife Brigitte, after receiving an official invitation, highlighting the health restrictions imposed in France to fight the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, the health protocol obliges me to stay in Paris. That is why I want to send a message of true friendship and respect for all the Greek people, the country, the nation and, of course, the authorities, the president, the prime minister, ”he told ERT .

“Greece is at the forefront of European freedom, of this struggle for culture.… We will do everything we can with the Prime Minister [Kyriakos] Mitsotakis to work and to be able to open your wonderful country to our young people, our students, archaeologists, academics and tourists, but Greece inspires today as it did in the past because there is this unique link [with France], ” he added.


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