Tesla double-billed dozens of new customers: report

Tesla double-billed dozens of new customers: report

Multiple new Tesla owners took to Twitter in an attempt to get relief after being billed twice for their new Teslas. Customers find the automaker resilient and slow to return tens of thousands of dollars it has taken from their bank accounts, buyers say. Some are now facing enormous personal financial chaos because of the false accusations.

The problem started to hit Tesla customers last week because reported by CNBC:

Last week, after paying for new Tesla electric cars, Southern California residents Tom Slattery, Christopher T. Lee and Clark Peterson told CNBC they were dismayed to find the company billed them twice. , taking tens of thousands of dollars from their bank accounts without authorization or warning, then giving them a frustrating sleight of hand when they demanded a refund.

CNBC reviewed the records, including motor vehicle purchase contracts, correspondence with Tesla, and bank statements to confirm their stories.

Two other customers, whose identities are known to CNBC but who have requested to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, said they also suffered duplicate debit charges from Tesla, leaving them in distress. One of them faces overdraft fees and looming finance charges on credit card bills due at the end of the month.

Tom Slattery says he was billed twice for his new 2021 long-range all-wheel-drive model Y for $ 53,000 that he ordered in January. Slattery contacted Tesla about the duplicate charge on his account on March 25. After days of calling Tesla, he went to Tesla’s storefront in Burbank, California, to get answers. There, Tesla employees asked Slattery to contact his bank to waive the charge – a plan Slattery deemed unacceptable as the bank informed him that it could take up to 10 days to return the money to his. account.

It’s been five days and Slattery says he still doesn’t have a date confirmed in writing by Tesla for his money back. He refused delivery of the car until he received the refund. Slattery claims to have heard a Tesla service employee claim that hundreds of people have been affected by the double charging issue. Two unidentified Tesla customers told CNBC they were facing overdraft fees and finance charges as a result of the snafu.

G / O Media can get a commission

Communicating with Tesla has always been a notoriously difficult affair, with much of the company’s public relations operating strangely through CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter account. We reported that Tesla was successful almost impossiblee for publications to contact the company, so like CNBC, we were unable to reach Tesla for a statement on this story.

If you recently received an order notice for delivery of a new Tesla vehicle and entered your payment information to agree on an arrival date, you should check now to make sure you haven’t not been double billed. If so, contact the bank immediately to try to waive the charge, as it could take more than a week.


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