Survey finds 61% of people in France think AstraZeneca vaccine is unsafe

Survey finds 61% of people in France think AstraZeneca vaccine is unsafe

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According to a new YouGov poll, 61% of people in France now think the AstraZeneca vaccine is unsafe, with Germany following close behind at 55% – creating fears about the potential impact of reluctance to vaccination on deployment.

AstraZeneca’s shift in perception comes after fears of blood clots, which have led to a pause in vaccine rollout in several European countries.

The European Medicines Agency concluded an investigation on March 18, finding that AstraZeneca did not cause blood clots in those who took it. Prior to this conclusion, the EMA recommended that the EU continue to use the vaccine as there was not enough evidence to suggest that a gel was needed.

The story of blood clots that resonated across the EU

People around the world have pointed out that the risks of blood clots for birth control are significantly proven and eclipse the cases of very rare blood clots that had been linked to the COVID vaccine. However, these drugs continue to be prescribed freely.

Researchers in New York have found that blood clots pose a significant risk to people who catch COVID itself, which could lead to amputation or death when the correct mix of pre-existing medical factors is present.

The link between the risk of blood clots and the AstraZeneca vaccine has been scientifically disproved, but the public had heard enough.

According to survey data released by YouGov, only Britain has managed to maintain public trust in using AstraZeneca – 77% of people believing the COVID vaccine was still safe to use.

Important changes in AstraZeneca’s belief in the EU

In Sweden, where there has never been a lasting lockdown, the AstraZeneca vaccine is considered safe by 43% of people. In Denmark, public opinion is clearly at an impasse. Those who believe and do not believe in the safety of the vaccine are at 42% each.

In Italy, confidence in AstraZeneca fell to 36%, while Spain hit a new low of 38%.

In Germany, a country that recently received a large shipment of the AstraZeneca vaccine, 55% of people think the vaccine is unsafe. The worst disbelief majority however is France, which has a strong 61% of people who say the vaccine is not safe to use.

Matt Smith, senior data reporter at YouGov, wrote that: “It should also be noted that there has been no contagion regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine on the Pfizer and Moderna offerings, both of which are considered to be exactly as sure they were 3 weeks ago. ”

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