Supermarket chef Booths set to replicate Tour de France with fundraiser for 600km bike tour to all stores

Supermarket chef Booths set to replicate Tour de France with fundraiser for 600km bike tour to all stores

Inspired by the Tour de France, COO Nigel Murray has assembled a team of 45 people, from traders to suppliers, who will travel 600 km across the north of England, calling at the 27 Booths stores, as well as than on three support sites. and two cancer treatment centers.

They aim to complete the ride between May 24-28, raising funds and raising awareness for the Cure Leukemia charity.

Nigel – an avid cyclist – became aware of the charity after hearing about boss Geoff Thomas, a former England footballer who was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia in 2003.

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The Tour O Booths team from the last event in 2019
He had initially had three months to live, but thanks to treatment from Cure Leukaemia co-founder Professor Charlie Craddock CBE and a stem cell transplant from his sister Kay, he went into remission in 2004 and has since gone through nine times the Tour de France. .
Nigel secured a spot to also travel the Tour de France route later that summer and decided to use the Booths event to tie into his training.
He said: “We did the Tour O Booths for the first time a few years ago, and it was a lot of fun.
“The reason for doing so is threefold. It’s an event to motivate you to stay active, it brings together different parts of the business, from store employees to vendors in a team building exercise, and also supports a specific charity.
COO Nigel Murray
“I was captivated by Geoff’s story and money is one thing, but awareness is just as important given the year we just had the focus has been almost entirely on Covid and many charities are struggling.
“We need to rethink about supporting charities because the work they do is so precious. ”
Out of a team of 45 people, 10 people will aim to complete the entire route, the others taking different sections.
Nigel said: “It will be a tough race. We are in the north of England so there will be a lot of hilly things. Three of the stores in particular will be a challenge for a cyclist due to their more remote locations. , but we will also be driving through cities, so there is a challenge. ”
They will aim to cover 70 to 80 miles a day “at a social pace”, with Nigel quipping “this is the only bike ride where you’ve actually gained weight” – with refreshments and treats lined up at each of the stores visited. .
Store staff members will also be encouraged to get involved with the fund and outreach, and customers can expect to see fancy dress and people riding static bikes in the store.


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