“Superman and Lois” Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 – End of the Spring Finale


An annual tradition celebrating ‘the best of Smallville’ has turned into a festival of scares on Superman and Loisspring finale, which ended with another jaw-dropping detail on Captain Luthor’s backstory.

The super-couple’s troubles began when Sharon Powell’s son Derek mysteriously returned home, completely unaware of the voicemail he allegedly sent to his mother. Lois and Chrissy could tell that something was wrong with her story, but Sharon insisted there was nothing more to investigate… worst way to get a reporter out of your queue. So when a fire suddenly broke out at the community center (spoiler alert: Derek lost control of his newly acquired laser vision!), The Smallville GazetteThe best / only reporting team in the company has taken action.

But while she was busy keeping tabs on Morgan Edge’s latest X-Kryptonite Soldier, Lois had no idea that another interested party was ready. to trail – Captain Luthor! (I know he’s the ‘bad guy’ or whatever, but honestly I was just glad to see him again.) Passing himself off as a LuthorCorp employee turned Reuters reporter, he approached Lois with an offer to throw more dirt on her Morgan Edge pile, one she encountered with her usual mix of intrigue and suspicion.

Meanwhile, Chrissy caught Derek doing business (and I mean biz-nass) with Leslie Larr outside of a commendable facility owned by Edge. Following her personal mantra (WWLD, aka “What Would Lois Do?”), Chrissy followed them into the building just in time to see her put him in a mysterious machine – and not the fun Scooby-Doo genre. It was then that Superman finally answered the party, chasing an invigorated Derek over various cornfields until they were both shot down from the sky by Captain Luthor.

“He resuscitated me, Kal-El!” Derek told Supes. “You’re not alone anymore!” But before he had a chance to tell Clark what that meant, Derek announced, “I’m already dead!” then exploded. (RIP!) By the time Captain Luthor caught up with the wreckage, his target had made the henhouse fly.

As always, this week’s episode also gave us a healthy dose of teen drama, from Jordan and Sarah to their first (and last?) Date Jonathan getting dumped (on the phone, no less!) By Eliza. In his grief, Jonathan turned into a drunken tornado of misery, first by telling his father that he wanted to return to Metropolis (“This town is ma Kryptonite! Then crushing Jordan’s date and harassing Sarah. She wasn’t thrilled that Jordan immediately sided with her brother over her own, but she agreed to always be his friend – so there is a silver lining for you.

Clark’s conflict with Jonathan inspired flashbacks to his final days in Smallville, when he apparently had similar clashes with his mother. (“I wasn’t sent here to be Martha Kent’s son!” He once said when she tried to stop him from taking to the streets as a masked vigilante.) Clark admitted that he regretted leaving home the way he did, so he offered Jonathan a one-time “get out of jail” card in exchange for his son’s agreeing to give Smallville another chance.

But before we have time to fully deal with Clark’s questionable parenthood, we’ve learned another twisted truth about Captain Luthor. When his computer reminded him that the Laws of this world were nothing like his own Laws, he angrily replied, “Everything about her is the same. Everything except that she married someone else! That’s right, CL and LL are male and female in her world. Jaw, meet the ground.

Honestly, I’m still so focused on this Lane-Luthor reveal, I have no bandwidth to worry about Tag attacking Jordan in the woods in the final moments of the episode. He will be fine.

Your thoughts on Superman and Loisspring finale? (New episodes resume Tuesday, May 18 at 9 / 8c. In the meantime, The CW will air the first half of Super Girlthe last season in that same time slot.) Rate the episode, then drop a comment with your hopes for the show’s return.


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