Suns lose nearly one to T-Wolves 123-119

Suns lose nearly one to T-Wolves 123-119

The Minnesota Timberwolves pulled off a 123-119 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Thursday night. A vicious rookie in Anthony Edwards and a superstar performance play by Karl Anthony-Towns combined for a point total of 83 points.

Devin Booker who earned the player of the game for the Suns has shown that even when he is hot off the pitch he will continue to trust his teammates with wide open shots, but the attack eventually waned to find luck. .

Turnovers were definitely the Valley’s talking point with the Suns who gave up a total of 22 for the game. The target on the Suns’ back is great, as any team in the league will rise to the challenge of dismantling a Western Conference beast.

First half

The Suns started the game aggressively on defense and offense, forcing four turnovers in the first three minutes of the game and throwing a few dunks into the hands of Deandre Ayton and Booker. Booker was back in the “first quarter pound”, finding himself in his places on the floor and forcing a good appearance and finished the first quarter with 16 points including the 3 point ending quarter!

The T-Wolves returned the favor by forcing turnovers and taking advantage of stray passes. Ayton headed to the bench early with two fouls giving Cities more room to move on the floor. Mikal Bridges moved on to guard the cities, but the size advantage was too huge for Bridges to be managed.

Edwards who now touches the ball for T-Wolves, every possession is the offense for his team with Towns. Aggressive at the basket, Edwards started the game with seven attempts and seven points.

Suns’ turnover reached ten at the end of the first quarter!

The T-Wolves managed to put an end to their turnovers reversal early in the game by playing iso-ball between Towns and Edwards.

Edwards started the second quarter as almost impossible to guide. The Zion Williamson effect started with Edwards having complete control of the offense. Two back-to-back lines and a dunk lead to a timeout early in the second quarter for the Suns.

The Suns had to fight Edwards every possession that was hot three. Mikal and Ayton entered the game halfway through the second quarter to lift the Suns’ attack with a 3-point Mikal and some easy shots under Ayton’s rim (one leading to free throws).

Turnovers continued to pile up for the Suns who finished the first half with 14 of them, but kept a 58-53 lead. Towns and Edwards combined on 6-12 shots from three doing their best to keep things close.

Ayton managed to put together a solid second half with 8 PTS and 5 REB with Booker leading the Suns with 21 points.

Second part

Booker with two alley-oop finishes baptized the start of the third quarter by shedding light on the Suns’ lead. By finding the shooters open with a blanket digging into the middle of the paint, Booker was able to spread wealth on the offensive side.

The bridges in the paint are always good. The three-point shots continued to fall for him and the open lanes were there for the fading 12-footer. Realizing that they are the better team and dealing with the ball, Booker and Bridges looked dominant.

It’s 7:23 in the third quarter and Booker is over 30 points… then added a layup to increase his points total to 32. Booker may be looking forward to spending some time with newly signed Torrey Craig, who sits in the audience for this game. The rest of the night off seemed to be coming sooner or later for the Suns’ starting lineup.

Ayton, as the first quarter headed for the bench to pick up his fourth foul as the T-Wolves were able to narrow their lead, trailing by seven.

Langston Galloway, who had a good half of the game with five points, came back into the game in the crucial final four minutes of the third quarter. A look on the floor that presented Booker, Abdel Nadar, Galloway and Cam Payne with four guards, with Dario Saric playing the five. This group were able to keep the game a little more out of reach heading into the fourth quarter before Jevon Carter replaced Booker with a minute to go. The lead was tight – 91-83.

The lead of 9:06 in the fourth quarter was reduced to six points. A time out was called and the starters could come back early in the game.

Bridges back in the game, once again gave the Suns offense with a mark of 3 points. But the T-Wolves’ back-to-back trios reduced the lead to three!

The 5-minute mark. The suns drove 107-104.

Towns managed to knock down a three to tie the game, but Booker came back with an easy two. Edwards and Towns both faced off against Booker. The only offense at the time coming from the Suns was Booker.

The Suns trailed with 2 minutes left in the game 115-113 before Booker could reach the line and reduce it to one, missing 1-2 from the line.

With the T-Wolves 120-116 and 38 seconds left in the game, Jae Crowder was able to reduce the lead to two. The free throw game started and the Suns ended up losing 123-119.


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