Strictly’s AJ Pritchard fears Abbie Quinnen will be scarred for life after horror injury

Strictly's AJ Pritchard fears Abbie Quinnen will be scarred for life after horror injury

It was only supposed to be an online stunt, but it went horribly wrong.
Strictly’s AJ Pritchard has revealed his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen could be marked for life after being engulfed in flames in the incident and suffering third degree burns.

Doctors rushed to operate on the 23-year-old and hailed the three surgeries as a success, but warned they expected permanent damage.

AJ, 26, told The Sun: “There are different areas, and there are different degrees of burn and she will have a little scar in some areas.

“But, as with time, they heal and other areas heal. I think the most important thing was that the skin grafts were working.

“The surgeon who did it was very happy with how it went and to see the improvement week by week. ”

Abbie Quinnen suffered third degree burns in failed ‘hack’

AJ admitted he was in awe of the human body after the incident and how it “heals and works so amazingly”.

“Obviously our mind is one thing, but our body can do amazing things for us,” he continued.

The couple had filmed a “life hacking” video to be posted on social media on January 19.

They were trying to show their followers how to cut a glass bottle in half so that it could be used as a vase.

AJ Pritchard and Abbie Quinnen tried the “hack” in January

The “hack” saw the pair soak a piece of rope in a flammable chemical before wrapping it around the bottle and lighting it.

Unfortunately for both dancers, the attempt didn’t go as planned and unleashed a fireball that engulfed Abbie, igniting her hair and clothes.

Since the incident, she has made 20 trips to the hospital and required three skin grafts.

His career was immediately in doubt because of the injuries.

AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen
Abbie explained why she has been silent on social media in recent weeks

She took to Instagram to urge her followers to proceed with caution when copying videos they see online.

While AJ may not have been physically affected, he admitted it had a huge effect on his mental health.

He said that even two months later he had flashbacks when he was asleep and couldn’t watch any TV shows that contained fire.

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