Stratford Manor primary marks one year of Covid-19 pandemic

Stratford Manor primary marks one year of Covid-19 pandemic

A Stratford school marked one year of coronavirus with a video tribute.
Manor Elementary School paid tribute to all those affected by the pandemic by filming students holding flowers and candles in a social distancing exhibit.

All the students participated in the tribute, which was filmed on March 22 but shown on March 23 following a minute’s silence at 12 p.m.

Deputy Director Steve Buckley told the Recorder what inspired the video: “Our students, parents and staff have shown great resilience over the past 12 months.

“Each of us has been affected by the pandemic in one form or another; whether it is the fact of ourselves or our loved ones suffering from the virus, of having lived or seen a bereavement, or simply changes in our ordinary daily life.

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The tribute – with the slogan Together at the Manor We Remember – saw students aged three to 11 observe a respectful silence for what has happened over the past year.

Centered around hope, courage, love, community, future, solidarity, unity and strength, Mr Buckley said by involving students aligned with the values from school: “At Manor we have always had a holistic approach to our curriculum and the larger school ethics – and it has never been more important.

Students held items to honor those who lost their lives in the pandemic, with the video focusing on the values ​​of hope, courage, love, community, future, solidarity, unity and by force.
– Credit: Manor Primary School

“Participating in the National Day of Reflection has allowed all of us to step back and reflect on this time – good and bad as we believe it is important that children have the opportunity to discuss and consider the world that surrounds them. surrounded. ”

He felt it was an opportunity the students “really enjoyed”, each taking time after the silence to write their hopes and wishes for the future on notes to be posted on a tree in the weeks to come so that they could be posted on a tree in the coming weeks. the community sees them.

A “very calm but moving feeling” invaded the school during the screening of the film, he added.

Events took place across the country to mark Marie Curie’s National Day of Reflection, held on March 23 to mark the first anniversary of the UK’s first national lockdown.


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