Stephen Colbert leaves with Lauren Boebert, the “gun fetishist” after the shooting of Boulder

Stephen Colbert leaves with Lauren Boebert, the

For the first time in a long time, Stephen Colbert opened The late show Tuesday night with a solemn message about another mass shooting in the United States.
“Yesterday was another dark day for America when a gunman walked into a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, and killed 10 people, including a police officer,” he began. “This story is incredibly tragic and I cannot imagine for a moment the grief of these families.” “The only proper way to honor these victims is to act,” added Colbert. “But our government continues to do nothing.”

Partly because of the COVID-19 closures, it has been a year since the country saw a mass shooting in a public place like the two that took place in Atlanta and Boulder over the past week. “Obviously, the only solution to US gun violence is to place all of us under house arrest,” he said.

From there, Colbert turned to the “predictable” responses from “gun apologists” like the Colorado State Shooting Association, which said in a statement: “There will be a time for debate on the laws. on guns. There will be time for a conversation on how this could have been avoided. But today is not the time. ”

” Why not?! Colbert retorted. “That’s what they say every time it happens. And that’s what I say about what they say every time they say it every time it happens.


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