Stats summary: 3 numbers of Mavericks 105-89 win over Clippers

Stats summary: 3 numbers of Mavericks 105-89 win over Clippers

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Los Angeles Clippers 105-89 Wednesday night in Dallas to win the season 2-1. This game felt like a playoff game from the start and was one of those performances by Luka Doncic that made you shake your head in amazement over and over again. Here are some numbers from the game:

42: The number of points scored by Luka Doncic.

Luka was absolutely spectacular, finishing with 42 points (6 of 11 of three) and nine assists. It was Luka’s fourth 40-point game this season, tied for second only behind Joel Embiid and Dame Lillard (both with five). What’s also crazy about Luka’s 40-point performance is that in each of those performances he also has over 9 assists, according to Mavs PR.

Luka was just on one tonight, smiling through the ups and downs, and it was a joy to watch.

Plus-29: Luke’s plus-minus

Luka Doncic was over-29 in a 16-point win in 42 minutes of play. The scary part of that is that in the five minutes that Luka was sitting the Mavs were under-13, but we’ll talk about that another time.

Luka told the media after the game. “The last two games were like the playoffs. We’ve played hard, and that’s how we need to be ready for the playoffs if we get there.

42-minute games can’t happen every night for Luka, but when your All-NBA star plays like he was tonight, you play him as much as possible.

12: The number of victories for the Mavericks in the last 16 games.

The Mavericks are on an uptrend after their tough start to the season. They have one of the easiest times in the NBA and are getting closer and closer to move up the rankings. Dallas is still in eighth place in the Western Conference despite having a good run, but the Portland Trailblazers have only two games left in sixth place, which just happens to be one that the Mavericks will play their next two games. These next two games will be a great opportunity to continue climbing the standings. See you on Friday evening.

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