State Prime Ministers’ COVID lax approach “does not fill me with joy” – POLITICO

State Prime Ministers' COVID lax approach

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday evening urged the country’s state prime ministers to do more to tackle a third wave of coronavirus infections, saying the situation called for greater ‘gravity’ in the implementation of existing measures .
“Not everyone is immune to the illusion that the virus can be traded,” she said in an interview on ARD’s Anne Will talk show Sunday night, adding that she would “not watch for 14 days” as the number of coronavirus cases rose again. .

The chancellery and the federal states agreed in early March on an emergency braking system which allows certain restrictions to be lifted in places where the incidence rate is still less than 100 cases per 100,000 people. But it also means the rules kick in when the rate goes above 100.

However, “several states have a very broad interpretation” of the provision, said Merkel. “And that doesn’t make me happy.”

She added: “We must now use the appropriate measures very seriously. And some federal states are doing it, others are not yet.

Among those who make Merkel mirthless is North Rhine-Westphalia State Prime Minister Armin Laschet, who is also president of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the party’s most likely candidate to succeed her to the Chancellor.

Responding to a question about the state’s approach, Merkel said that “the state, like others has done, has chosen an implementation that involves too much discretion”.


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