SkyTrain’s $ 79 Million Digital Signage, Speakers and CCTV Upgrade Now Complete

SkyTrain's $ 79 Million Digital Signage, Speakers and CCTV Upgrade Now Complete

After more than two years of installation, TransLink has completed the extensive overhaul process for digital information signage, loudspeakers and video surveillance at SkyTrain Expo and Millennium line stations.
“Communication and information is a vital part of a customer’s transit experience and this program has modernized our SkyTrain communication technology,” said TransLink Interim CEO Gigi Chen-Kuo, in a press release.

Old digital signs – including the 1980s red text signs on the Expo line and early 2000s signs on the Millennium line – have been replaced with new multi-colored LED digital displays indicating arrival and departure times. real-time destinations of the next ones. trains and other relevant details.

Former Expo line signs:

Old red LED signs from the 1980s on the platform of Granville SkyTrain Expo Line station. These signs have been replaced. (Kenneth Chan / Daily Hive)

New panels on the Expo and Millennium lines:

New real-time LED display for the next train on the platform at SkyTrain Gilmore station. (TransLink)

In addition, general information LCD screens have been installed at station entrances and lobbies to provide passengers with details on the status of the next train and service before they reach the platform.

A total of 280 new digital signs and screens were installed in the stations. Modern real-time LED signs for the arrival of the next train already exist on the Canada Line and the Evergreen Extension of the Millennium Line, so these signs have not been replaced, but their stations have received new screens. LCD.

SkyTrain signaling

New real-time signaling of the countdown to the next train at SkyTrain Edmonds station. (TransLink)

Joyce-Collingwood SkyTrain Station LCD signaling platform

New LCD screens at SkyTrain’s Joyce-Collingwood station with real-time information about the train’s next arrival. (Kenneth Chan / Daily Hive)

In addition, over 1,400 new loudspeakers and over 1,200 new CCTV security cameras have been installed at Expo and Millennium line stations. The new speakers allow passengers to clearly hear service alerts and notifications, while the new cameras can be monitored live by SkyTrain staff to adjust service levels and better support police investigations. transport, compared to the previous video surveillance system.

A spokesperson for TransLink told the Daily Hive Urbanized that there are currently no plans to introduce ‘next train arrival’ audio announcements – similar to what already exists in the Canada line – on the platforms. of the Expo and Millennium lines.

The entire multifaceted communications upgrade project cost $ 79 million, of which 50% is covered by the federal government, 33% by the provincial government and 17% by TransLink.

“Making public transit an excellent alternative to driving by improving the driver experience is an essential part of the mayors’ vision. The Expo and Millennium line panels and loudspeakers were obsolete and their replacement is extremely important to SkyTrain customers.

“Modernizing the communication tools at Expo and Millennium Line stations so that passengers can see and hear information in real time will help make public transport an even more attractive option for people returning to the system in the months and months. coming years.”

Under the leadership of former TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond, there has been a greater focus on improving amenities and passenger comfort in the transit system, including passenger communication systems.


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