Sixers chairman Daryl Morey discusses buyout market after deal

Sixers chairman Daryl Morey discusses buyout market after deal

The Philadelphia 76ers made their pick ahead of the deadline by acquiring George Hill from the Oklahoma City Thunder in an effort to help strengthen the save point guard position. In the process, they moved some great backup men behind Joel Embiid and Dwight Howard.
The Sixers are getting the help they need with the addition of Hill, but now they have to look to the buyout market as they will look to add more depth to their roster. They moved a valuable piece into Tony Bradley in the deal to acquire Hill, so now Chairman Daryl Morey will be looking into the buyout market to replace him.

“The buyout market is often a conversation about the opportunity and the role,” Morey said. “We probably have more opportunities at this big spot, so I expect the buyout will probably be bigger, if we make any at all. We need more wholesale. ”

In Thursday’s win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Sixers had to play with different lineups. They rode with Mike Scott in the middle while occasionally using Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons in fifth place.

“We feel good with Joel and Dwight,” added Morey. “Doc, if he chooses, can put some unique rosters on the floor with Ben, Tobias and Mike Scott so that we feel good where we are at, but if a redemption happens it’s more likely to matter.” . ”

Obviously, the trade deadline has just ended and there is no rush to make a room just yet, but Morey and GM Elton Brand will have a few options to consider when the time comes.

“Obviously that’s a big part of our work after the trade deadline,” Morey concluded. “It’s been a big part of our work, really at this point, some of the players that you can’t really get real feedback on because it’s the start. I feel pretty good that someone who coach Rivers thinks he’ll help us will be available, but it’s very early to really go into too much detail on this, but we’re happy with the buyout market right now.

As for the Sixers on the ground, they are 3-0 to start their 6-game road trip and will now look to continue on Saturday against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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