Severe COVID-19 cases on the rise among BC youth, health officials say

Severe COVID-19 cases on the rise among BC youth, health officials say

Growing numbers of young people in British Columbia are infected with COVID-19 and some are dying, just as vaccines protect older populations, the provincial health officer said on Monday.
Dr Bonnie Henry said younger patients who end up in intensive care units need more time there, in part because of clusters of cases in some communities.

“We saw it with some of the outbreaks that were happening in First Nations communities where younger people were much more likely to need hospitalization or intensive care. And unfortunately where we’ve seen younger people die from the virus, ”Henry mentioned.

COVID-19 is spreading in crowded households and workplaces as cases increase among people aged 20 to 39 and up to 59, she said.

“With more people in this age group affected, the likelihood of someone ending up in hospital at a younger age increases,” Henry said, adding that some people hospitalized were suffering from health problems under. -jacent.

Gatherings indoors, even with people with minimal contact, should be avoided as the variant first identified in the UK becomes more prevalent, easily transmitting COVID-19 as it spreads, has said Henry.

“The only safe place we can gather now in our small groups, with our friends and families, is outside,” she said of her public health order limiting the number of gatherings to. 10 and among those who must remain in the same group.

“I ask us again to go back to our basics. Now is not the time to get together even with a small group of friends. Now is not the time to celebrate this wedding. Put it back. Put it on. in the summer and we’ll be a different place, a post-pandemic place.

“We’re seeing things increase, whether it’s the end of our second wave or the start of the third, it’s worrying. ”

Henry said establishments hosting weddings and similar events will be held responsible for endangering their employees and others.

She also called on companies to continue to put safety plans in place, whether owners or employees have been vaccinated.

“It takes time for this to take effect. And it takes time when we have so much transmission in our community, ”she said, adding that businesses with continuous transmission could be shut down for at least 10 days.

“For all of us, don’t let go now. And if you blatantly disregard these public health orders, there are ramifications for it. ”

Health officials have met with religious leaders to finalize plans to resume outdoor services with an announcement expected in the coming days, Henry said.


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