Scott Kluth tried to break up with Tinsley Mortimer for months: Friends

Scott Kluth tried to break up with Tinsley Mortimer for months: Friends

Tinsley Mortimer wasn’t blinded by his financial breakdown with her, according to her friends – she just didn’t get the hint.

Sources close to Mortimer tell us that the former “Real Housewives of New York” star was heartbroken when Coupon King Scott Kluth suddenly ended their two-year engagements in a fight last Friday.

But sources in her camp said Kluth had “communicated” to the socialite-turned-reality star that it was over for months – but Mortimer simply wouldn’t accept it.

“His perception of when they broke up is clearly different from Scott’s,” an insider said, “but Scott told him they broke up months ago.”

On Friday, we reported that Tins’ friends were furious because Kluth had gone through an endless cycle of breaking up with her and getting back together with her, but when he proposed, she believed he meant it – so point that she left the Bravo show. and moved to Chicago with him. But then, they said, he was “suddenly… back to his old tricks.”

When we pitched the idea through friends of Tinsley that Kluth had tried to tell her, they said that if she was confused it was because of the cycle of ‘breaking up and coming back together’.

“He would and then get back with her,” they said. “It was ‘we’re together’, then ‘let’s take some space’, then ‘we’re not together’. A real mindf – k. ”

The boyfriend added: “This was the type of role model he would make her during the four years they were dating and now that she had left her career and basically everything for him, she had no other choice. than trying to make it work and stick it. with him through this unhealthy model.

As we’ve previously reported, insiders say the Coupon Cabin founder claimed she didn’t like the media attention that came with her work, and he gave her an ultimatum towards the end of 2019 telling her that if she was leaving the show, he would marry her.

The pals are furious that she took the deal, only so Kluth wouldn’t follow through on the offer.

She was previously married to Topper Mortimer.


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