Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary smokes ‘Can you let me talk’ as he runs into Susanna Reid

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary smokes 'Can you let me talk' as he runs into Susanna Reid

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary clashed with Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain today as he asked her to ‘let him talk’ as she explained the airline owed him $ 20million. pounds sterling of unpaid refunds.
GMB host Susanna cited the Irish Travel Association report that member travel agents have sent in thousands of complaints to reimburse their customers.

Earlier in the interview, O’leary called on people to prepare to book a vacation abroad starting in mid-June.

Joined by Ranvir Singh, Susanna said: “Michael, can I just ask you – the Irish Travel Association says Ryanair owes £ 20million in unpaid refunds.

“Its member travel agents have sent thousands of complaints to reimburse their customers with efficient flight bookings, with the airline withholding reimbursements from travel agents and customers. People will fear that a) they have not received a refund and b) if they book in the current uncertainty, they may not receive a refund this summer. ”

Ryanair’s Michal O’Leary appeared on Good Morning Britain

O’Leary replied: “But first, I wouldn’t believe anything Irish travel agents tell you. To put it in context, we have no reservations from Irish travel agencies. People are only supposed to book online or directly as consumers- ”

“He says he has a hundred agent members,” Susanna interjected.

O’Leary replied, “Yes they can have member agents but member agents do not book on Ryanair. On the Ryanair website, we accept bookings direct from customers. We-”

O’Leary slammed Ryanair’s £ 20million reimbursement demands

Susanna jumped in again and said pointedly, “Aren’t your rates available through travel agents? Because it would seem strange if an association that represents 100 agents says it is making reservations. ”

“Yeah, but it’s illegal for them to make reservations on our website,” O’Leary insisted. “We don’t allow third parties to make reservations, which is one of the big challenges airlines have faced in recent years.

“It has been revealed by the coronavirus pandemic that we have all these middleman agents who select and make reservations and then overcharge customers, giving us fake customer details-”

Ryanair boss O'Leary suggested people should book from mid-June
Ryanair boss O’Leary suggested people should book from mid-June

Susanna interrupted him to remark, “But wait, whatever your argument with the association is-”

This time, O’Leary interrupted Susanna as the couple started talking to each other.

Visibly irritated, O’Leary snapped, “Let me finish!” I want to answer the point! Can I answer the point? ”

” Yes! Of course, ”Susanna said.

O’Leary responded, “We have reimbursed all of the people who have asked us directly for reimbursements. They got cash refunds or vouchers. No one is left in the queue for refunds, except passengers who have been tricked into making reservations. ”

* Good Morning Britain broadcast weekdays at 6 a.m. on ITV


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