Revue d’Irene’s Impact Wrestling 3.23.21

Revue d’Irene’s Impact Wrestling 3.23.21

* On BTI, Sami Callihan told Don Callis that he will face the title-to-title winner of Rich Swann and Kenny Omega. IMPACT Knockouts team champion Tasha Steelz pinned Alisha in singles.
Tonight Kenny Omega and Don Callis return, TJP gets his X-Division title rematch clause against Ace Austin, and Eddie Edwards meets Karl Anderson in our main event. In addition, the IMPACT area has more screens!


They get stuck to start things off as Deonna grounds the challenger. Jazz wins the advantage, stunning Deonna with a few jabs and hooks. Deonna uses her technical ability to outdo Jazz. Susan distracts Jazz just enough to make things a little easier for the champion. Deonna finds herself trading blows with the brawler and eats a flurry of strikes. Deonna searches for the Fujiwara armband but Jazz lands a facebuster. Susan drags Deonna’s leg over the ropes during a fall attempt. Jordynne Grace charges Susan but finds himself empty. Jazz chases after her and Deonna rolls her for a win.


* 1/2
It didn’t really look like anything. Definitely a notch below Deonna’s usual title games.

* The Good Brothers are not greeted in the locker room, at least by Rosemary and her Decay companions.

* We went to Swinger’s Palace where Swinger and his casino fans endorse his establishment.

* Rohit Raju sings backstage where he stumbles upon Fallah Bahh on the floor, as he goes through a rough patch. Fallah stands up, showing a fiery side and challenging the former X-Division champion.


That’s TJP’s rematch after losing to Ace Austin at Sackerfice. They fight in chain to get started with TJP which makes it easy. Ace lands his double springboard kick but TJP appears. Ace falls outside and TJP follows on top. Ace finds the apron, where he clocks TJP with a kick. TJP meets Ace at the top, but the champion lands a gourd from the top, as we head for a break. Ace is in command when we return, locking down a Boston crab. TJP painstakingly reverses an armrest into an abdominal stretch. TJP nails a facial cleanser and appears to float but Ace hits a spinning kick to the face. Ace stepping stone to a Fame-ACEr for a near fall. TJP throws Ace on his neck with a suplex and returns to the abdominal stretch. Ace takes the ropes but TJP leans back. Ace finds the ropes with his foot as TJP chases Fulton outside. Fulton blocks TJP who is countered on a Mamba Splash attempt. TJP searches for the Detonation Kick but Ace escapes and crashes him with a double stomp. TJP hits the detonation kick and Mamba Splash. He covers the champion but Fulton charges the ring and breaks it. Josh Alexander comes down with a chair, serving as a replacement for the TJP.

*** 1/4

These guys are incapable of having anything other than a good game. The finish held it back, but they have such great chemistry. The two have been on fire for the past six months and I love their interactions.

* Seated interview with Matt Cardona. Host Gia Miller acknowledges her role on social media with former label team partner Brian Myers. Cardona makes it clear that he’s not here for Myers as he wants to make a statement on his own. Cardona gets excited and challenges Myers to a match, making sure they are done once and for all.

* Trey Miguel has a temper tantrum and throws the bags of XXXL away. Tommy Dreamer delivers an explosive deathmatch for Hardcore Justice, claiming people love candles. Dreamer claims he is joking but wants to tell Trey about the event. Trey doesn’t care about the show, but wants Acey Romero. Dreamer makes it clear that Trey needs to stop letting people get into his head.


It’s good to see Fallah Bahh again. Fallah uses his power early but Rohit counteracts with his speed. He has Fallah spotted because he is able to bring down the big man. Bahh starts Bahhing but gets cracked with a round kick. Rohit locks himself into an armband but Bahh retaliates. Fallah lands a twisted PowerSlam and sets up a corner attack. Rohit counter and hits a double hit from the top. Rohit nails a flying knee and rolls up Fallah with a handful of tights, for the victory.


It was a short but fun game for what it was.

* Don Callis and Kenny Omega are on their way to the ring.

* AEW Champion and Invisible Hand join Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone for AEW Paid Announcement of the Week. Kenny Omega is getting ready for a match with former X-Division champion Matt Sydal.

* The Good Brothers are looking for Omega and Callis but their locker room gets no response.


Omega is dripping and ignited. Callis can’t wait for Omega to win the IMPACT World Title. Callis congratulates Rich Swann, but reverts to Omega’s One Winged Angel who pinned him to Hard to Kill. Omega craves more gold as Callis goes wild against every wrestler, Omega is better than. Callis will do everything in her power to make sure Omega is recognized. Callis hosted an Oscar-winning vignette dedicated to the One Winged Angel. Omega makes it clear that no one will take any of their belts. They shout that they will make history.

* Video Violent by Design, with Eric Young recounting his resurrection from Rhino. He is baptized in the sacred waters of change as the world now belongs to Rhino and Violent by Design.


Trey charges Acey with dropkicks and a suicide dive. Acey quickly gains an advantage by using his power during a commercial break. Acey crushes Trey with a splash on the back as he fights. Trey lands a cut-neck from the top and a flurry of quick kicks to break him down. Trey hits the ropes for a springboard but gets caught with a bound. Trey hits the first string cutter and lands a meteorite for the win. XXXL attacks Trey but Sami Callihan appears, saving Trey and teleporting.

** 3/4

It was a fun little sprint, something both men are better suited for. Callihan teaming up with Trey is a twist I didn’t really see coming.

* Rich Swann is interviewed backstage where he responds to Callis and Omega’s presentation earlier. Swann suggests that he prepare for the One Winged Angel and sees the victory ahead of him.

* James Storm is asked behind the scenes how he plans to celebrate his thousandth match in IMPACT Wrestling. Storm challenges Eric Young to be the man facing him. Next week in the Main Event, James Storm and Eric Young will take part in the IMPACT Main Event.

* Also next week, Fulton and Ace will take on Alexander and TJP, and Kenny Omega and Don Callis will return.


This is the very first time that we meet here. Eddie lands a belly-to-belly suplex and a suicide dive like our latest business hits. Eddie walks up to the top where Gallows interferes. Ref Brian Hebner forces Gallows to sit down and watch. Anderson slows down the action by brutalizing Eddie with his elbows and boots to his face. Edwards tries to defend himself but feels the effects. Eddie bounces off the corner delivering chops. Eddie knocks on his amazing backpack, but Anderson pulls out. Eddie hits a running forearm and a Blue Thunder bomb, but the former IMPACT Tag team champion comes out. Anderson smashes Eddie with a forearm, causing a strike exchange to erupt. Anderson hits a European Uppercut followed by a Rocket Kick for a close fall. Eddie rolls Anderson around but he is thrown into Gallows with a chair outside. FinJuice delivers a promo from Japan, without really saying anything.


It was a good televised match with both guys hitting some nice things. The post-game segment was pointless and was certainly not worthy of closing the show.


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