Report: League ‘watches’ hot mic in Nashville Predators game

Report: League 'watches' hot mic in Nashville Predators game

The NHL is examining the comments of a referee caught on a hot mic during Tuesday’s game between the Red Wings and the Nashville Predators, Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly and refereeing director Stephen Walkom told Adam Vingan of the ‘Athletic.

The comments indicate that one of the officials wanted to call a penalty against the Predators.

“It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a ***** penalty against Nashville early in the …” a background voice said on the show before going inaudible.

This happened moments after the attack on Preds Viktor Arvidsson was called up for a trigger penalty on Detroit Jon Merrill at the start of the second period.

The two officials working for the game were Kelly Sutherland and Tim Peel, who announced the penalty. The league declined to comment further apart from saying the matter was under review.

The Predators won the game 2-0 on goals from Mikael Granlund and Mathieu Olivier.


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