“Real concern” throughout the NBA for Kyrie Irving “from people who know him”


Kyrie Irving has yet to explain his continued absence from the Brooklyn Nets for personal reasons.
Sean Marks has indicated that they have yet to finalize a date for his return to the squad.

“Kyrie will have an opportunity to speak about his absence when he is ready to do so,” Marks said in the statement.

Irving was on Tuesday at a Zoom Call volunteer organizing event for Tahanie Aboushi’s campaign for the Manhattan District Attorney, shortly before the Brooklyn Nets reported the Denver Nuggets.

“There are dozens of reporters calling everyone they can think of, trying to get to the bottom of it,” Joe Vardon wrote of Irving’s leave. “It seems few people in the NBA know what’s going on with Irving, and those who probably know (like Nets officials) aren’t saying it. There is real concern throughout the league from people who know him. “

Vardon asked Steve Nash if he was sure, or at least confident, that Irving would return this season.

“Uh, sure,” Nash replied. “Like I said, right now I have to focus on training this team and getting the most out of it. I can’t make predictions or prognoses on things outside of this building. “


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