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BBC newsreader Simon McCoy is leaving the company to join GB News, as the next right-wing news channel continues a wave of recruiting ahead of its launch this summer.

The presenter, best known to BBC viewers through viral clips of him offering sardonic sides to the news of the day, will host an afternoon show on the new channel. Despite having decades of experience broadcasting news, McCoy first reached infamy after presenting a segment while holding a packet of printer paper after forgetting to pick up an iPad from the set. .

GB News is continuing to recruit more than 100 employees across the UK ahead of its launch. Rather than sticking to traditional British TV news neutrality, she will take an openly right wing tone and hired accordingly.

Andrew Neil will host a nighttime show with a segment called Wokewatch, while other rookies include Nigel Farage former LBC producer Christian Mitchell and former Sun associate editor Dan Wootton. Although the station has only announced a dozen on-air staff, three of them are former Brexit party candidates.

The chain claims to have raised £ 60million in funding, with backers such as Paul Marshall, the hedge fund boss supporting Brexit. He has spent a lot to recruit staff in addition to securing a rare location on Freeview to ensure it is available in the maximum number of UK homes.

Rehearsals are also set to begin on News UK TV, a competing news and opinion channel developed by Rupert Murdoch. However, this focused on a much more modest plan of broadcasting only during the evening rush hours, with more emphasis on streaming. Its only officially announced program is an evening show hosted by former Scottish Sun editor Gordon Smart.

In the TV news industry, the focus is on Piers Morgan’s destination, with the former Good Morning Britain host being available for hire after leaving the ITV breakfast show as a result of his comments on Meghan Markle.


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