Ralph Fiennes ‘doesn’t understand’ the anger at JK Rowling

Ralph Fiennes 'doesn't understand' the anger at JK Rowling

Illustration from the article titled Voldemort & quot;  does not understand & quot;  what JK Rowling did to make us all so crazy

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In a move that we can only assume will soon serve as the genesis of an all-new blockbuster fantasy franchise.Hagrid And Voldemort and no one else does Wizard shit, maybe – Ralph Fiennes chose not to participate in “Nothing!” he could have said, and instead expressed his sincere confusion as to why people are so mean to his old friend JK Rowling. In an interview the actor gave to The telegraph this week, Fiennes – who played The One-Who-Could-Have-Just-Shut Up in all of this last one Harry Potter films – stated that “I cannot understand the vitriol directed at her. I can understand the heat of an argument, but I find this age of accusation and the need to condemn irrational. I find the level of hatred that people express about opinions that differ from their own and the violence of language towards others disturbing.

And, really: if Ralph Fiennes is appalled at the violence, verbal or not, he should really check out what people say and do to trans people, especially when goaded by a transphobic horseshit spread by people like Rowling, including comments over the past year patted a constant drumbeat alleging that trans women are not women, that trans men are not men, and that being trans is, like, a kind of very complicated ploy to access women’s toilets. Said that doubling and tripling these ideas has led to a lot of people associated with the franchise including Daniel Radcliffe, Emma watson, and Rupert Grint—To make clear statements that transphobia is wrong and that believing people when they tell you who they are is essential for treating people properly in this world.

Fiennes didn’t give more details on the subject – moving on to complaints about plays that people won’t let him perform again, and talk about the possible exit of No time to die. BuIt is clear from his comments that he sees the issues surrounding Rowling as a matter of decorum and rhetoric rather than, say, human rights – that is, “There is no reason to be mean to someone just because they question your humanity or your identity, as long as they do it in a polite way. Still, good news for Rowling, who is maintained the Death Eater vote once again. Huzzah.


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