Priti Patel swears illegal immigrants landing on UK beaches face deportation in as little as 24 HOURS

Priti Patel swears illegal immigrants landing on UK beaches face deportation in as little as 24 HOURS

ILLEGAL immigrants landing on England’s beaches risk “boomerang” deportation in as little as 24 hours and will be sent to the back of the asylum queue, Priti Patel announces today.

And ‘asylum buyers’ will no longer be able to travel through safe countries to settle in their preferred destination, the UK.


Interior Minister Priti Patel presented her plans to the SunCredit: Dan Charity / The Sun
Jonathan Reilly and Harry Cole of The Sun hold talks with Home SecretaryCredit: Dan Charity / The Sun

Addressing immoral lawyers and leftist critics, the Home Secretary said “no one can defend the current system” as she launches the biggest reforms in a generation of the “broken” asylum process in Britain.

Smugglers get life sentences, and immigration law firms face all business termination for helping ‘support crime’ and luring people to Britain under bogus hopes.

Before a major speech today, Priti told The Sun that “the status quo is no longer an option,” warning that her “mission” will take years to complete.

Throwing the glove at the PM amid the suggestions, she could be reshuffled from her job, she said, “I’m here to continue and do this job”, but stressed that it would be “a tough and difficult transplant”.

“It will take time and I will be very honest with the British about this, there is no silver bullet, it is not short term, it is long term. ”

The status quo is no longer an option ”
Minister of the Interior Priti Patel

Priti’s flagship reforms will be based on three “firm but fair” pillars:

  • FIRST, open more legal avenues for the poorest in war-torn regions of the world.
  • SECONDLY cut the smuggling routes across the Channel and their criminal brains across Europe.
  • THIRD, it is easier to deport people not entitled to be in the UK and to punish lawyers who pursue hopeless appeals, by clogging the system

Speaking from her office in Whitehall, she warned that the purpose of the reforms was to prevent young male economic migrants from “slipping their way” past the immigration queue.

Migrants dumped on UK beaches by smugglers risk being immediately deported to facilities outside the EU where their claims will be processed – dubbed ‘boomeranging’ by Home Office team Ms Patel.

Why the immigration system needs to be reformed

The Home Office said 8,500 people arrived in the UK illegally across the Channel in small boats last year.

11 smugglers were jailed in 2021, with 300 low-level investigations underway.

The National Crime Agency has 50 other surveys of high-level smuggling rings.

In 2019, there were 7,000 “forced returns”, down 22% from the previous year.

Eight of the last ten attempts to avoid eviction are rejected.

And in an effort to crack down on “asylum buyers” from Europe, migrants will only be granted temporary immigration status, rather than a right to fully settle.

They will also face greater obstacles in meeting their family in the UK and accessing benefits and will be accommodated in special ‘reception centers’ rather than hotels and houses.

Mrs. Patel said "the status quo is no longer an option."6
Ms Patel said “the status quo is no longer an option”.Credit: Dan Charity / The Sun
The Sun team in the Home Secretary's Whitehall office
The Sun team in the Home Secretary’s Whitehall officeCredit: Dan Charity / The Sun

She said: “If, like over 60% of illegal arrivals, they have crossed a safe country like France to get here, they will not have immediate entry into the asylum system – which is happening today” hui. ”

But asylum seekers who have taken new “safe and legal paths” through aid agencies and charities will be greeted with “resettlement packages” and will be given priority.

Priti said: “We will ensure that they are supported with English language, training and education, as well as accommodation, but also giving them the support they need within the community. to make a success of their new life in the UK. ”

And for the law firms that have thrived on hopeless immigration appeals, she said it “just isn’t fair that they stop us from firing murderers and rapists, some of the most horrible people who have been involved in terrible crime in UK.

“So that will lead to a fundamental change.”

And she said their business is morally wrong, because “their usual business right now is basically supporting crime and human trafficking and all the while people are dying. We simply cannot continue with the system as it is. ”

Small boat with illegal immigrants arrives in Dover after being picked up by border forces6
Small boat with illegal immigrants arrives in Dover after being picked up by border forcesCredit: PA
An immigrant carries a young girl as they are brought ashore in Dover, Kent, by Border Force officers
An immigrant carries a young girl as they are brought ashore in Dover, Kent, by Border Force officersCredit: PA

Companies that use doomed attempts to tackle evictions with repeated and spurious appeals risk being put to the wall with crushing costs for wasting time in court.

The recoverable fixed fee regime will be broadened to cover immigration and asylum judicial checks and the scope of lost fee orders will be broadened to include asylum and immigration matters.

The reforms will also target the modern slavery law, which is abused by criminals to avoid deportation.

This will put her at odds with former Prime Minister and Home Secretary Theresa May, who defended the laws.

But Priti said she will “work with everyone” to make sure the loopholes are closed, which is just not right.

She added, “We must make changes to save lives and open safe and legal avenues to not be fair, compassionate, but do the right thing for people fleeing persecution.”

“I make no apologies for the firmness of these actions, but since they will also save lives and target smugglers, they are also undeniably fair.”

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