Prince Edward Island health card no longer required to get COVID-19 vaccine, province says

Prince Edward Island health card no longer required to get COVID-19 vaccine, province says

Possession of a Prince Edward Island health card is no longer a requirement for Islanders who wish to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
The Policy on the Need for a PEI Health Card has evolved since vaccines first became available on the island.

As late as February 21, officials told CBC News that a PEI health card was needed to get vaccinated in the province, and people living off the island who owned property here were not eligible. Chief public health officer Dr. Heather Morrison said in January that the province’s share of the federal vaccine supply was “based on our year-round resident population.”

But on Tuesday evening, provincial officials sent CBC an email clarifying the current situation.

“Those who do not have a PEI health card will be vaccinated if they live / work here with the population group they are classified with,” the email read. “For example, if a person is over 75 and lives here (without a PEI health card), they might call to get the shot now. ”

The province had previously said that young people in Prince Edward Island who wanted to study and who did not have a PEI health card could receive a vaccine if they worked in commerce. retail or in departments where they were in contact with the public.

As for seasonal residents, the province’s email read on Tuesday, “We encourage everyone to get at least their first dose in the province where they currently reside before traveling to Prince Edward Island. However, they can get the vaccine here if they haven’t already. have received their vaccines. ”

Health Canada has now approved four different COVID-19 vaccines for use in this country, and Prince Edward Island regularly receives at least three.

Vials containing AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine should not be stored at extremely low temperatures and are available at six pharmacies in Prince Edward Island to inoculate specific groups of young people. (Christof Stache / AFP / Getty Images)

The Astro-Zeneca-Oxford vaccine stocks, until now reserved for the young people of the island, are currently running out.

“Right now, the vaccine is available at pharmacies in Summerside, O’Leary and Kensington,” the PEI Pharmacists Association said in a tweet in response to a message from CBC PEI.

The tweet says more supplies are expected in a week or two to restock the Charlottetown and Montague sites.

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