PM calls for caution; France is on the watch list; Suez Canal disconnected; New Outback – Auto Dealer Magazine

 PM calls for caution;  France is on the watch list;  Suez Canal disconnected;  New Outback - Auto Dealer Magazine

  • Here are the headlines for Tuesday, March 30

PM calls for caution as restrictions ease

Boris Johnson has called on the public to exercise caution as England’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions are relaxed amid fears of a new wave of the disease spreading from Europe.

At a press conference in Downing Street, the Prime Minister acknowledged that it had been a ‘big day’ for many people as they were able to see their friends and family outside for the first time since imposition of the last checks.

However, he said it was still not clear how ‘robust’ the defenses provided by the vaccination program would be if the rise in infections on the continent were repeated in the UK.

Johnson: UK is watching France push “very closely”

The surge in coronavirus cases in France is being analyzed “very closely” by the British government, Boris Johnson said.

His comment came amid speculation that France could be added to the UK’s travel ban list. This measure will be discussed at a meeting of the “Covid O” committee today, according to the Daily Telegraph.

From April 6, carriers from outside the UK and Ireland visiting England for more than two days will be required to take a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of arrival and once every 72 hours thereafter. But the government could go further by adding France to the UK’s red list.

The Suez Canal reopens its doors

Rescue teams freed a colossal container ship stuck for nearly a week in the Suez Canal, ending a crisis that had blocked one of the world’s most vital waterways.

Aided by the tides, a flotilla of tugs tore the bow of the Ever Given skyscraper from the sandy shore of the canal, where it had been housed since March 23.

The tugs howled horns of jubilation as they guided Ever Given through the water. The giant vessel has headed for Great Bitter Lake where it will be inspected, said Evergreen Marine Corp, a Taiwan-based shipping company that operates the vessel.

No Easter weekend

The traditional Easter getaway will be absent for a second year in a row as millions plan to stay off the roads this weekend, new figures suggest.

Easter Monday is expected to be the quietest day for traffic during the statutory holiday period with just 28% of drivers planning a trip, according to an AA-Yonder survey of 15,000 motorists.

Saturday is expected to be the busiest, with 36 percent of drivers expected to hit the road. This is before Good Friday (31%) and Easter Sunday (30%).

RAF typhoons scramble to intercept Russian planes

Living armed typhoons were driven from RAF Lossiemouth on Monday morning to intercept two Russian Tu-142 Bear-F planes as they approached UK borders.

The aircraft was first detected by NATO and monitored and intercepted by the Norwegian Quick Reaction Alert (QRA).

The interception was handed over to the RAF, who then left Lossiemouth Base near Moray. RAF Typhoons followed the aircraft through the North Sea, supported by the RAF Brize Norton Voyager mid-air refueling in Oxfordshire.

Monday headlines you may have missed:

Apple loses final round of legal fight with Swatch

Tech giant Apple has lost the final round of a legal fight with watchmaker Swatch over the use of the phrase “one more thing.”

Swatch, which is based in Switzerland, had applied the phrase to the brand. Apple, which is based in America, objected and said the phrase has been associated with Apple products for over 20 years.

The bosses said Swatch was aware of Apple’s connection to the phrase and applied for the trademark in “bad faith.” But a judge ruled against Apple after a hearing in the High Court in London.

Deliveroo lowers London floating price to bottom of target range

Deliveroo said he would value the shares for its highly anticipated stock market quote towards the lower end of its price range due to “volatile” market conditions.

It comes after a week in which a series of top fund managers have said they will reject the list – which may be the UK’s largest in a decade – amid concerns over workers’ rights .

The takeout company is expected to announce its final price on Wednesday, but has reduced its price range to between £ 3.90 and £ 4.10 per share. He said he now expects it to be valued at between £ 7.6 billion and £ 7.85 billion.

Third party households “spared for emergencies”

Saving for emergencies is the most common reason working-age households put money aside, according to a survey.

Amid economic uncertainty, about one in three adults (34%) surveyed between January and March were saving for emergencies or a “rainy day” where money might be needed, Scottish Widows found.

Holidays and travel were the second most popular reason to save, with 29% saying they put money aside for this reason, while 22% were saving for home improvements.

Latest podcast from the car dealership

Consumer credit repayments at the highest annual rate since 1994

Households made net repayments on products such as credit cards, personal loans and overdrafts at the highest annual rate in 27 years in February, according to figures from the Bank of England.

With people repaying more than they borrowed, consumer credit borrowing has fallen 9.9 percent annually – marking a new low since the record began in 1994, according to the report.

Overall, credit card borrowings fell 21 percent during the year through February, also marking a new low.

New Subaru Outback makes European debut

Subaru unveiled the Outback in European specifications, having been on sale in America for over a year.

The Outback is a rugged station wagon designed for people who live in the great outdoors, combining the style and practicality of a traditional station wagon with the raised ride height and off-road capability of an SUV.

The new Outback has a permanent all-wheel drive system and CVT transmission. The engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder boxer, which Subaru says has redesigned 90 percent of its parts. It is expected to arrive in European showrooms in April.

Exceptionally warmer

Today dry, sunny and unusually warm across England and Wales, the BBC says, with temperatures reaching into the 1920s in places. Rain will continue to persist in the North West of Scotland, with some gusts of wind.

Mainly dry, clear and calm this evening across England and Wales, although the odd downpour cannot be entirely ruled out. The rain will persist in the north and west of Scotland, later pushing Northern Ireland

Another very hot day tomorrow with decent sunshine for many in England and Wales, although the odd downpour could develop. The rain will affect northern and central Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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