Piers Morgan Says Claim Archie Denied Title Due To Skin Color Is ‘Shameful Betrayal’

Piers Morgan Says Claim Archie Denied Title Due To Skin Color Is 'Shameful Betrayal'

Piers Morgan said Meghan Markle’s claims that Archie couldn’t become a prince were “completely absurd”.
The 54-year-old former Good Morning Britain host, who drastically left the show after an on-air row over Meghan, has written a lengthy article for the MailOnline that appears to be aimed even more at the wife of the prince harry.

In the article, Piers did not hold back as he accused Meghan of trying to “cause the Royals as much damage as possible” by claiming that she was prone to racism – especially because of the color of her skin. his son Archie.

Piers’ latest tirade comes after Meghan and Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey and shed light on their experiences before announcing their departure from the royal family. During the interview, Meghan revealed she was ‘shocked’ to hear that Archie had been denied the title of prince – unlike the Queen’s other grandchildren.

Piers took aim at Meghan Markle in her latest column and said her claims were a ‘shameful betrayal’

Piers has now hinted that there were guidelines in place that would have prevented Archie from becoming a prince regardless of race – and suggested that the racism allegations were a huge betrayal for the Royal Family.

Piers – who has since revealed he resigned because he refused to apologize – also criticized almost every claim the Sussexes made during their explosive interview.

“The most serious assertion, the one which has already plunged America accused of racism into a whirlwind of indignation, was a lie presumably designed to cause the Royals the maximum harm,” he wrote in his latest article.

“And despite all their remarks in the interview about supporting the Queen, it is the monarch who decides such titles, so they were effectively accusing Harry’s grandmother and the British head of state of being racist.” Piers continued.

Meghan Markle revealed during her interview with Oprah that Archie was denied the title of prince

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“It was a shameful betrayal, just like Meghan’s attack on the Duchess of Cambridge for making her cry (Kate never said a bad word about her sister-in-law in public), Harry bleating at About his father who would have cut his money supply and security, and their relentless and sustained attack on the royal institution whose securities they avidly exploit for massive commercial purposes. ”

Piers’ latest article came more than two weeks after storming GMB before later announcing he had quit the series.

This came after an investigation was opened against ITV and the outspoken presenter after 57,121 OfCom complaints were inundated over its criticism of Harry and Meghan.

Piers Morgan stormed GMB after criticizing Meghan and Harry
Piers Morgan stormed GMB after criticizing Meghan and Harry

Since leaving the series, he has continued to scornfully target Meghan and expressed doubts about the veracity of his claims.

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