Piers Morgan returns to GMB to collect personal effects in cardboard boxes

Piers Morgan returns to GMB to collect personal effects in cardboard boxes

Piers Morgan returned to Good Morning Britain studios today… but only to collect his things which had been packed in cardboard boxes.
The outspoken host left the ITV daytime show after seven years earlier this month when he refused to apologize for his comments on Meghan Markle.

Piers, 55, racked up record complaints to Ofcom after telling viewers he didn’t believe Meghan’s account of her mental health issue.

Her outburst also sparked a disagreement with co-star Alex Beresford who saw Piers leave the set live.

Three weeks after the dramatic confrontation, Piers was back in the ITV building temporarily today to retrieve the items he left behind during his sudden exit.

Piers Morgan said goodbye to Kate Garraway, Susanna Reid and the rest of the GMB squad

He left the show after refusing to apologize to Meghan Markle for his dismissal from his battle for mental health

To mark the occasion, Piers shared a snap of a number of glued brown boxes stacked in his old locker room.

Among the personal items was a cardboard cutout of former co-star Susanna Reid for Piers to take home – but the presenter confessed he would leave that memory behind.

Sharing his final farewells, Piers posted: “Goodbye, Good Morning Britain! ”

“(I think I’ll leave the cardboard cutout, it would be a little scary to bring this home,” he added regarding the life-size tribute to Susanna that the GMB team left him.

Piers shared a photo of his dressing room – empty but for a stack of cardboard boxes containing his things

Piers said he refused to be canceled by the ‘Awakened Brigade’ and would not back down on his criticism of Meghan and Harry

Since leaving, Piers’ latest episode has won Ofcom’s Most Complainant TV Moment of All Time.

Her speech on Meghan and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey led to 57,000 contacting the media watchdog – surpassing the number of people who complained about the Jade Goody Celebrity Big Brother race – who previously held the record 44,500.

Despite criticism from viewers and mental health activists, Piers refused to back down on his accusations that the Duchess of Sussex was lying about her mental health.

Susanna Reid introduces Ben Shephard since Piers left

In the weeks since his dramatic release, Piers has positioned himself as a champion of free speech while encouraging his supporters to buy his book which returned to the bestseller charts following its October release from the last year.

There have also been rumors that Piers will be lined up for a role at GB News – the new TV channel run by Andrew Neil.

Veteran broadcaster Neil declined to crush speculation, saying Piers would be an asset to his team.

Neil left the BBC in September 2020 to launch his own news channel – which is expected to launch later this year.

GB News will not provide continuous news but will include a mix of news, opinion and debate.


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