‘Peanuts’: Deliveroo runners unimpressed with company bonus offer | Deliveroo

 'Peanuts': Deliveroo runners unimpressed with company bonus offer |  Deliveroo

Deliveroo runners have raised concerns over low wages as the company prepares for a £ 8.8bn IPO that will give founder Will Shu a payout of £ 30m plus shares worth over £ 500million.

Couriers who have met a minimum delivery target will share a £ 16million cash bonus but, unlike head office staff, they are not offered free shares as Deliveroo says they are independent contractors. and not employees.

Rider in Kent: Expects to receive a £ 200 bonus, but said he does not offset around £ 1,000 in fee reductions over more than three years of work.

“It’s disgusting that, while Shu is cashing in, we are offered peanuts. Deliveroo has consistently lowered driving costs and even brags about it to investors. They send us emails telling us how precious we are while constantly reducing our pay in the background, ”said the pilot.

Deliveroo riders are paid a complex formula based on factors such as time of day and distance to a delivery. As a result, many say they do not fully understand how their salary is calculated.

Rider in North London, 33 years old: Having worked for Deliveroo for over three years his earnings have gone from over £ 100 per day to around £ 300 for a 40 hour week, or less than £ 8 per hour before costs including insurance bicycle, oil, gasoline and often many parking fines.

“If you count all of this, you find that you are working for nothing,” he said. He had heard of the IPO bonus system for runners, but said, “I don’t believe it because they don’t care about us.”

Cavalier in Coventry: The pay system was opaque, he said, but rates had come down over time. This year was shaping up to be more difficult than ever due to the influx of new mail.

“They twisted motorcyclists for all they were worth while continuing to deny them true worker status and the associated guarantees that come with it.”

Rider in North London, 29 years old: Get £ 250 bonus. He said he was not jealous of Shu. “It’s good that he gives us money. What are they without drivers? Yeah [Will Shu] receives £ 30million, but he started with a bike and an app. I know a guy like me has come to this level, ”he said.


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