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Over 2,000 unclaimed COVID vaccine meeting spots in Brazos County

Over 2,000 unclaimed COVID vaccine meeting spots in Brazos County

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – As officials at the Brazos County center look to continue administering COVID-19 vaccines this week, they are also looking to fill no-reservation appointment positions.

Brazos County immunization task force leader Jim Stewart said as of Sunday morning only 2,200 first-dose appointments were filled out of 5,000 available. Now officials are in talks to open the date slots to everyone.

This week, officials at the Brazos Center Hub plan to administer as many vaccines as they have given in a single week. The plan is to give 5,000 first doses and 7,000 seconds.

Due to the winter storm in February, they are still trying to catch up.

“We had 3,000 doses allocated and we obviously weren’t able to deliver them. So we postponed them until the next week, and then the next week we had 4,000 doses to deliver, so we delivered 7,000 doses after the storm. Well, a month has passed since the next week, so now people have to take their second doses. That’s why it’s so many, ”said Stewart.

Last week, Stewart said 12% of appointments scheduled for the first and second dose were no-shows. Even though it was spring break, Stewart says there are still a lot of people missing their appointments.

“I think they think ‘Well I’m going to get there, I don’t have time next week, but I’ll have it next week, or the week after,’” said Stewart.

Stewart says they could start looking for a reminder system for those who sign up for their appointment to alert them once their vaccine appointment is near.

“It’s problematic for us because the state gives us the 5,000 doses and expects us to administer them,” said Stewart.

Those responsible for the hub will make the decision whether or not to open the hub to everyone on Monday morning if the appointments are not claimed. However, residents have yet to register for the vaccine. They can’t just show up at the hub.

Click here to register for a COVID-19 vaccine at the Brazos Center.

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