Only supporting address needed for short trips

Only supporting address needed for short trips

France has issued two new attestation forms: one to leave home during the new curfew from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. and another to travel more than 10 km from your home during the new lockdown in place in 16 departments.
The Home Office confirmed that the previous form which combined these two elements on one form for all 16 departments was too complicated. It released a “simplified” version for trips over 10 km and a new separate form for going out during curfew. No forms are now required for trips closer to you during the day in the 16 lockdown services.

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The original longer form issued on Saturday March 20 has been withdrawn and replaced with:

The shapes are also digitally available.

Locked-out people are allowed to leave their homes for exercise and unlimited walks as long as they stay within 10 km of their homes. Non-essential businesses and services are also closed.

You no longer need to carry a form with your ID to travel within 10 km of your home, but you must have proof of your address with you. If requested by the police, you will need to show proof of address (such as ID, a water or electricity bill) to show that you are within the 10 km limit. If you do not have a valid proof of address, you can complete an attestation form, even if you plan to stay within 10 km of your home.

As before, if you don’t have a printer, you can copy the form onto a blank sheet of paper by hand, writing only the necessary information and your reason for leaving home.

As in previous lockouts, “valid reasons” for leaving your home include essential reasons such as food shopping, education or training, professional reasons, imperative family reasons, medical reasons, to help them. vulnerable or dependent people, for the needs of animals, main residence, or going to airports or train stations.

There are still two other forms, as before, for justify professional reasons (which requires the name and stamp of your employer), or for take the children to school.

Everyone must follow the rules, including those who have received a vaccine. People who have been vaccinated should continue to wear a mask and maintain their physical distance.

Previous form too complicated

Opposition politicians scoffed at the previous shape for its complexity and the fact that it had different distances, for example, allowed for dog walking and exercise.

Senator Bruno Retailleau sarcastically called it a “bureaucratic work of art,” while MP Pierre-Henri Dumont tweeted: “Fortunately, someone without a printer can copy the certificate by hand. The only problem is, if they start writing at 8:00 am, they might not have finished before curfew begins. ”

Julie Garnier, national spokesperson for the La France Insoumise party, tweeted jokingly: “Exclusive: it will be the certificate in 2022 if we continue with these amateurs.”

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