“No plan B for FCAS”, says Airbus to France


by Gareth Jennings

Airbus has told French lawmakers that there is no alternative plan for the future Franco-German-Spanish Combat Air System (FCAS) if the partners fail to resolve tensions over certain industrial aspects of the trinational program.

The next generation fighter of the next generation weapon system, which itself is part of the larger FCAS. The industrial leaders of Airbus, Dassault and Indra must agree on the terms before phase 1B of the program, if the expected “billions” of euros are to be released by governments. (Janes / Gareth Jennings)

Addressing the French Senate on March 17, Airbus Defense and Space (DS) chief Dirk Hoke repudiated an assertion made the previous week by his Dassault counterpart Eric Trappier that a “Plan B” exists in the event of an industrial agreement not being reached for the program, known as the Système de Cmbat Aérien Futur (SCAF) in France.

“We are very close to an agreement. It must guarantee both efficiency and cooperation between partners. It is our responsibility to each of our countries and to Europe, ”said Hoke. “There is no plan B. Plan B is FCAS, any other solution would be much less favorable for everyone. ”

Airbus, Dassault and Indra respectfully lead the FCAS / SCAF effort on behalf of Germany, France and Spain, with Dassault taking the lead in the New Generation Fighter (NGF) element which will operate alongside loyal wingers from the Remote Carrier (RC) as the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS). This NGWS also includes the Air Combat Cloud (ACC), while subsequent elements of FCAS include the European Medium Altitude Long Endurance Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) (MALE), an ultra-low unmanned aerial combat vehicle observable (ULO) (UCAV), future cruise missiles and legacy platforms operating in the future battlespace.

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Airbus told French lawmakers that there was no alternative plan for the Franco-German-Spanish future …


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