News from the race report: a magazine “glorifies the slave trade”

News from the race report: a magazine

Daily political briefing today

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy called the government’s race report an “insult”, with activists condemning his suggestion that Britain is not an institutionally racist country. The Labor MP accused Boris Johnson of ignoring the wishes of the British who “are dying to turn the page on racism”.

“Boris Johnson has just slammed the door in their face, telling them that they are idealists, that they are wasting their time. He let down a whole generation of young black and white Britons, ”he added.

Shadow Minister for Equality Marsha De Cordova also criticized the report, saying the government must explain why a passage “which glorifies the slave trade” was published.

Commissioned in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests last year, the report, which was released on Wednesday, claims the UK has become a “more open society”.

While admitting that racism persists, he sees the UK “as a role model for other majority white countries” when it comes to racial equality in education and in the workplace.

In his foreword, the Chairman of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities, Dr Tony Sewell, wrote: “Simply put, we no longer see a Britain where the system is deliberately rigged against ethnic minorities” .

However, the authors stressed: “We take the reality of racism seriously and we do not deny that it is a real force in the UK”.

Meanwhile, an immediate review of sexual abuse in schools has been announced by the Department of Education (DfE) – it will see Ofsted reviewing safeguard policies in public and independent schools.

The survey will also assess whether schools have the appropriate systems in place for students to raise concerns.

In the aftermath of the race report, a series of clearly upset social media users predicted the schools review would have little impact. “A government review of sexual abuse in British schools?” What is the bet that he finds “no sexual abuse in British schools”? A man wrote on Twitter.


Morning and welcome toThe Independent UK political coverage.

Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 07:57

Britain is not institutionally racist, government report says

The highly anticipated government report on the race has hinted that the country is not institutionally racist.
Ahead of the report’s release on Wednesday, a government summary states: “The landmark report challenges the view that Britain has failed to make headway in tackling racial inequality, suggesting well-meaning idealism many young people who claim that the country is still Institutional racism is not confirmed by the evidence. ”
Nadine White and Ashley Cowburn have the details:
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 08:00

Work to define the foreign policy strategy

Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy will today warn of a “growing gap” between the UK’s foreign policy goals and the “impacts they have on communities here at home.”
In a speech at Chatham House, the Labor MP will say that foreign policy has been “the prerogative of the political classes – formulated and implemented without the consideration or consent of the British people”.
Targeting the government’s ‘Global Britain’ strategy, Ms Nandy will stress that more is needed than ’empty slogans’, while pledging that Labor will make the UK a reliable international partner once again.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 08:21

UK faces decade of ‘unprecedented economic change’ after Covid-19 and Brexit

The UK will experience a decade of “unprecedented economic change” due to the pandemic and Brexit, it has been suggested.
The post comes ahead of the three-year survey to better understand the shape of Britain’s economic future.
The Economy Inquiry 2030 will be managed by the Resolution Foundation and the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics (LSE).
Torsten Bell, Head of the Resolution Foundation, said: ‘The UK is on the cusp of a decade of unprecedented economic change as it not only emerges from the pandemic, but also finds its place post-Brexit in the world and increases its zero. -transition to carbon.
“Together with technological and demographic changes, these changes pose fundamental questions about our economy at a time when the country does not have a clear idea of ​​its path to prosperity.”
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 08:34

Domestic policy

In today’s political bulletin, Adam Forrest examines how France and Germany desperately need more coronavirus vaccines.
President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel are said to have spoken to Vladimir Putin to obtain doses of Russia’s Sputnik coup.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 08:50

Denial of Institutional Racism in Racial Relations is “deeply, deeply disturbing,” says Runnymede Trust boss

The executive director of a major racial equality think tank said she felt “deeply, overwhelmingly disappointed” by the findings of the racial commission report.
Dr Halima Begum, who heads the Runnymede Trust, said she disagreed with his suggestion that the UK is not institutionally racist.
She told PA: ‘Tell that to the young black mother who is four times more likely to die in childbirth than her young white neighbor, tell the 60% of NHS doctors and nurses who have died from Covid and who belonged to a black and ethnic minority. workers.
“You can’t tell them that because they’re dead.
“Institutionally, we are still racist, and for a government-appointed commission charged with examining (institutional) racism, denying its existence is deeply, deeply disturbing.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 09:06

Read the full race report before jumping to any hasty conclusions, says commissioner

People should read the report of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities in its entirety “before making quick judgments,” said one of its members.
As a co-opted member of the committee, Kunle Olulode, director of Voice4Change England, helped examine employment and the economy for the report.
He said Sky News that some progress had been made over the past 50 years, but that the report also highlighted “areas of concern” that needed to be addressed.
“I think it’s a lot more of a mixed bag than what has been presented yet,” he added.
Speaking of racism and economics, he admitted “that there are things that have been persistent and are to some extent structural”.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 09:24

Race report findings are ‘a slap in the face’, says Labor MP

Labor MP Claudia Webbe described the findings of the race commission report as “a slap in the face”.
The politician, who represents Leicester East in parliament, tweeted the comment Wednesday morning with an article from The Independent.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 09:40

Institutional racism is “sometimes poorly applied”, says chairman of the racing commission

Dr Tony Sewell, the head of the government-appointed racial commission, suggested that the term “institutional racism” was “sometimes misapplied”.
His remark came after his committee concluded – in its long-awaited report – that the UK was not an institutionally racist country.
“We wanted institutional racism to be used where it needs to be properly used, applied correctly, but, listen, we have very focused recommendations on changing the whole landscape of ethnic minorities and I think that’s the key thing. “, did he declare.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 09:50

Race commission findings are not surprising given the president’s perspective, critics say

Questions were once again raised about the advisability of Dr Tony Sewell’s appointment as chair of the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities.
Dr Hannah Begum, chief executive of the Runnymede Trust racial equality think tank, said Dr Sewell and Munira Mirza, a government assistant who helped set up the commission, had preconceptions on the matter.
“If these two individuals deny the existence of institutional racism from the start, then what hope do we have that they would examine the matter objectively, if not follow the government’s mantra?” she says.
Journalist and author Sathnam Sanghera agrees, tweeting that the report’s findings are not surprising given that those involved are “critical” of the concept of institutional racism.
Rory Sullivan31 mars 2021 10:10


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