New Hudson County coronavirus cases up 2.7%: weekly update

New Hudson County coronavirus cases up 2.7%: weekly update

HUDSON COUNTY, NJ – The pandemic continues to impact Hudson County, according to data this week. The state’s figures as of this Friday indicate that new cases are increasing in the county at the same rate as the week before, while deaths are still a factor but are slowing.

As of Friday, March 19, the county had a total of 68,563 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic, an increase of 1,808 from the previous Friday, or 2.7%. This is the same rate of increase in new cases as the previous two weeks.
The county also recorded a total of 1,877 confirmed deaths, up from 1,860 the previous week, or 17 new deaths. That’s a 1 percent increase.
On Friday, March 12, the state released that Hudson County had 66,755 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic and 1,860 confirmed deaths. This was a 2.8 percent increase – about the same as the week before. In addition, there have been 22 new deaths since the previous week, an increase of 1.2%.

As of Friday, March 5, Hudson County reported 64,908 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic, and a total of 1,838 confirmed deaths. This represented an increase in cases from the previous week of 2.9% and an increase in deaths of 1%.

A week earlier, the county 63,044 confirmed cases and 1,820 confirmed deaths. This represented a 2.7% increase in cases from the previous week and a 1.8% increase in deaths.

The impact of the disease is reflected in the State Department of Health’s most recent COVID-19 Activity Level Report, released weekly.

State hospitalizations and deaths

The state of New Jersey reported Wednesday that 1,895 people are still hospitalized with the virus, 407 of those in intensive care and 57% of those on ventilators. 38 more deaths have been reported since the previous day, bringing the state confirmed deaths at 21530.

As the daily death rate begins to drop again, it is not where it was six months ago, before the second wave in New Jersey, when there were only two deaths in total. by coronavirus reported statewide from Sept. 7-8.

On April 30, 2020, New Jersey’s one-day death toll hit an all-time high of 460 residents in 24 hours.

As of Thursday, across the country, about 538,000 Americans had died from the virus. (You can see which states had the highest death toll over the past week on this map from the CDC.)

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Here are the statewide coronavirus resources:

  • NJ COVID-19 Information Center:
  • General questions about COVID-19: 2-1-1
  • Hotline NJ COVID-19: (800) 222-1222

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