Netflix plans to launch 40 anime shows in 2021

Netflix plans to launch 40 anime shows in 2021

Netflix announced at Tokyo AnimeJapan Expo 2021 on Saturday that it will launch 40 new anime titles in 2021, Bloomberg reported, following the success of his Blood of Zeus series last year.

New series coming out this year includes an adaptation of the Japanese manga Record the Ragnarok, which premieres in June; Yasuke, about an African samurai in feudal-era Japan which premieres on April 29; and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, based on the video game franchise. Netflix previously announced its animated series The way of the house husband, also based on a Japanese manga series, will start on April 8. Variety notes that the number of anime titles coming to Netflix this year is almost double the number of anime series and movies released in 2020.

“We want to be proud to be the number one entertainment destination with great quality content,” said Taiki Sakurai, Senior Anime Producer, Netflix. Bloomberg. “The growth of our business is directly linked to the growth of our anime.”

The global anime market reached $ 23 billion last year and is expected to reach over $ 36 billion by 2025, according to Bloomberg. Sony announced in December that it plans to buy the Crunchyroll anime video site for nearly $ 1.2 billion (although that sale has been delayed due to an antitrust investigation by the US Department of Justice). According to New York Times, Netflix said the number of households that aired its anime offerings last year was up by half from 2019.


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