MVP Clarifies King Baron Corbin Status With The Hurt Business, New Members Welcomed

MVP Clarifies King Baron Corbin Status With The Hurt Business, New Members Welcomed

MVP took to Twitter this morning to confirm King Baron Corbin is not a member of The Hurt Business.
This week’s RAW saw SmackDown’s Corbin take WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on his offer by attacking Drew McIntyre after Drew’s back-to-back wins over Ricochet and Mustafa Ali. RAW ended with Corbin and Lashley standing over McIntyre after Lashley manipulated him with The Hurt Lock.

MVP tweeted this morning with a response to fans asking for Corbin’s status with the group after Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were kicked out on Monday.

“Baron Corbin is NOT, I repeat NOT in The Hurt Business,” MVP wrote.

A fan responded and said The Hurt Business no longer exists.

MVP replied, “Bobby Lashley and MVP are The Hurt Business.”

MVP then posted a follow-up tweet, noting that he and Lashley were looking for talented candidates to join them.

“To be clear, Bobby Lashley and MVP are The Hurt Business. We are always on the lookout for talented candidates. Have the day you deserve, ”he wrote.

Lashley previously announced that any superstar who took out McIntyre before WrestleMania 37 would receive their own WWE title on The Grandest Stage of Them All instead. A fan asked the MVP if Corbin would get that title now, but MVP made it clear that McIntyre must be injured where he is withdrawn from WrestleMania.

“Anyone who hurts Drew can replace him at Wrestlemania,” MVP wrote in response to the fan who asked him about Corbin’s possible title shot.

Corbin hasn’t responded to any of today’s MVP tweets, but as previously reported, he commented on Lashley’s offer after the segment on RAW.

“We used to run #WWERaw, we destroyed monsters and punished everyone. Then a guy sold out and wanted to sell the @fightbobby T-shirt made an offer and I introduced myself!

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