Mixed virus data experts question pace of New York reopening

Mixed virus data experts question pace of New York reopening

Researchers urged gym goers to wear masks and exercise with six feet apart.

Dr Jay Varma, the mayor’s senior public health adviser, said Thursday that “we have seen epidemic data here in the United States as well as abroad” related to fitness classes, “it is therefore an area where people have to be extremely careful.

Mr Sterne said the CDC’s studies focused on cases where gym goers were not wearing masks and ignored other safety measures.

Ms Muehlenkamp said she thought it was an unfair oversimplification for regulators to bundle low-impact workouts like hers with more intense forms of exercise.

Saskia Popescu, an epidemiologist at George Mason University, said she thought it might be okay to resume indoor fitness activities, with the right precautions.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think it should be one or the other, but rather what the community transmission is and can these classes be delivered outdoors or effectively at home? ‘interior with continuous infection masking and prevention measures?’ Dr Popescu wrote in an email.

Deaths and hospitalizations in the city have declined in recent weeks, but new cases reported in New York hover at an average of 14 days of more than 3,500 a day, which is still very high, according to a New York database. York Times.

Also, according to city settings, the average seven-day test positivity rate remained above 6% for weeks. (The state, which uses a different methodology, has the city’s seven-day average positivity rate of just over 4%.)


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